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Tun M’s FB Fan Page Under Fire Over Damaging Posting

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A Facebook post by the Saya Sayang Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (I Love Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) fanpage was under fire today for publishing misleading statements on several high-profile Malaysian politicians.


The admin(s) of the page re-posted a tweet by @Azrul_Jabbar who claims:

(Translated) “Pak Lah, interfered by in-law.

Najib, interfered by spouse.

Zahid, interfered by daughter.

Anwar,LKS, the whole family interferes.

That’s how it is in Msia (sic).”

Saya Sayang Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is either trying to rewrite history or thinks their supporters are dumb when they claimed that Mahathir did not allow his sons to do business with the govt.

Even in 1997, all three of their sons have been buying and selling companies from and to govt, GLCs and known UMNO cronies freely and in staggering amounts.

In 1997, Mahathir’s three sons – Mirzan (aged 36 years) Mokzaini (aged 35) Mukhriz (33 years old) held directorships in more than 210 Malaysian companies, including around a dozen listed companies.

Within 5 years of coming back from overseas, eldest son Mirzan Mahathir was a director of at least eight listed companies.

His private company Peringkat Prestasi holds many of his investments including a 25.8% stake in listed Lion Corp bought from government fund PNB (where his uncle, Tun Ismail Ali, was Chairman) for an undisclosed price.

But his main interest is Konsortium Perkapalan, a listed haulage and logistics company which controls almost half of Malaysia’s road freight.

In 1994, Konsortium bought Malaysia’s second national shipping line PNSL for USD$80m from govt-owned PERNAS and MHS, controlled by UMNO crony Tajuddin Ramli.

These shipping interests were then sold to PETRONAS for about RM1 billion in 1998 to bail him out.

Mirzan also bought a 61% stake in Diperdana Corp. from Danny Tan, the brother of known crony Vincent Tan.

Among many others, Mirzan had 25% of listed companies Artwright Holdings, and 10.25% in listed IT firm Dataprep Holdings.

He was also director of at least 8 other listed firms, including Mamee Double-Decker and property developer Worldwide Holdings.

Second son, Mokhzani’s main vehicle is the listed Tongkah Holdings of which he is chairman. It has at least 31 subsidiaries spread across a range of activities with. core focus in health-care services, manufacturing and stockbroking.

Tongkah has a 15-years govt concession to provide hospital support services to 19 Government -owned hospitals in Malaysia, and a majority stake in listed Hospital Pantai,.

In the year 2000, Mokhzani starred Kencana Petroleum which did business mainly with Petronas where his father was the advisor. He would eventually become one of the top ten richest Malaysians in 2014.

Youngest son Mukhriz controls listed Reliance Pacific, Prime Heritage and Opcom Cables–ASEAN’s largest producer of fiber optic cables- whose main customer is Govt-owned Telekom Malaysia.

Yes, those were all in 1997. Not an exhaustive list as there were many other holdings. All three are brilliant 30-something years old business wizard – who within a few short years miraculously amassed such wealth all based only on their own abilities.

All were heavily involved in business with the government and known UMNO cronies.

SSTDM should really stop treating their supporters as ignorant fools.

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