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Tun M: Hudud Law Proposed By Pas Unjust, Against Islamic Principles

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CYBERJAYA – The hudud law proposed by Pas is unjust and against Islamic principles, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed said today.

The former prime minister said the law was fundamentally unfair as it created two sets of laws – one for Muslims and another for non-Muslims.

“It is not Islamic hudud, it is Pas hudud.

“Take the crime of theft. Under this law, if a Muslim steals something, he gets his hand chopped off, but if a non-Muslim steals something he gets two months’ jail.

“How is that fair? If it is not fair and just, it is not Islam,” he said at the youth leadership conference here.

Dr Mahathir also criticised the proposal’s inclusion of stoning as a punishment, saying the practice was never mentioned in the Quran.

“The Quran doesn’t call for stoning to death, not even once. Stoning appears in the hadith (Prophet’s sayings), and even then there are only two unique cases in which it is mentioned.

“When you say a prayer, you first say bismillah, which means in the name of God the most merciful and compassionate.

“Stoning is neither merciful nor compassionate,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said Pas’ intention for implementing hudud was not to fight for Islam but for raising their chances to win elections.

He also criticised Umno leaders in Kelantan who voted to implement hudud for failing to see the law’s weaknesses.

“Pas leaders have talked about how they have to slow down on hudud issues because their friends (in Pakatan) don’t like it.

“What does that tell you? In Islam, your niat (intention) is very important. Once you do something for political reasons, it is no longer Islamic.

“Those in Umno who support hudud in Kelantan… They don’t even know what they are supporting.” – NST Online


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