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Tun M And Siti Hasmah Catch Some Waves In Langkawi 3D Museum

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Malaysia’s favourite (admit it) Prime Minister and controversial former leader Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has always been a cool guy, but we’ve never thought he can be THIS awesome. During his visit to Langkawi’s Art in Paradise Interactive 3D Art Muse with his equally boss wife, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, the pair proved to be politics’ cutest couple when they both cheekily struck poses with the optical illusions.

We don’t know if pretending to be eaten alive by a giant panda indicates our ties with China, but he seemed to be amused by this as well.

In this art-imitates-life snap, the former premier positioned himself in front of a display with knives and miscellaneous cutleries ‘attacking’ him,emulating the cut-throat brickbats swung by the international media during his time in office.

All thanks to Siti Hasmah, we now know that age is nothing but a number. The 86-year-old did her best surfer impersonation, complete with both hands akimbo to suggest she’s balancing her weight whilst catching waves. Cute! Tun M’s contributions to commercialize Langkawi is the stuff of legends. With his time-preceding vision, he engineered the island to become the tourism treasure trove it is today; hence granted him the moniker of ‘Modern Langkawi’s Architect’.MYNEWSHUB



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