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Trouble Finding Your Right “Nude” Makeup? Can Help!

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Beauty brands know that women enjoy makeup that looks natural and fresh, almost as if they’re not wearing anything at all. One of the ways brands deliver is by offering neutral products that match skin tones. But whose skin tones do they match?

For far too long, neutral foundations, concealers, powders and other beauty products have used Caucasian skin as a default for “nude” or “flesh-toned.” Lately, beauty and skincare lines are stepping up offer more diverse shades and define skin tones beyond those of white women.

The new site wants to make it easy to find neutrals – whatever your version of “nude” may be – with neutral-toned products all on one convenient site. Looking for makeup, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, or even lingerie that matches your skin tone? Instead of sifting through other sites and getting frustrated when you realize a line doesn’t carry your shade, all your skin-toned needs are now in one place.

Their beauty section stocks everything from cult favourites like Bobbi Brown’s Hot Nudes Eye Palette, Butter London and Tom Ford nail lacquers, Charlotte Tilbury mini lipsticks, and many more. The site is a shopping aggregator, not an e-commerce site, so each item links back to it’s own distributer. You’ll end up buying from the Sephora or department store website the same way you would normally – just having found the product a whole lot easier.

According to the site founder Steve Moscetti, “Because not everyone’s ‘nude’ is the same, people with skin of any other colour were implicitly unable to participate in the trend.”

He agrees that the industry is changing and becoming more inclusive: “Now, all the big brands are offering nude shoe collections, makeup and nail polishes, and lingerie.” Unfortunately, with such varied industry terms for shades like “tan, cream, cognac, almond, pink, rose, coral”, according to Moscatti, there’s a “gap between market demand and ease of shopping”. That’s where Nudevolution comes in.

The site is still working on fine-tuning their own color spectrum. Right now, only the Shoes and Accessories categories can be sorted by color, with two buttons named “nude” and “dark nude.” Moscatti understands that customers will want more information than that, and especially when shopping for something to match your own skin tone, product photos can sometimes be deceiving. The good news is, the team is colouring using every crayon in the box.


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