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Transgendered Man Cuts Own Penis To Become A Real Woman

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He had a dream and a blade; all he needed was common sense.

A 30-year-old transgender man attempted to castrate himself with surgical tools and anaesthetics he bought online, because he was unable to afford gender reassignment surgery.

But as expected, the failed procedure caused him to almost die due to excessive blood loss.

Li Xiongjin, who was biologically born a male, dreamt of becoming a woman for as long as he could remember and even began consuming female hormones seven years ago.

Li said he hated his manly appearance when puberty hit and stopped at nothing to resemble himself to be more feminine, according to a report on CCTVNews Facebook.

His plight recently went viral after he was featured on a Chinese reality show.

Li who hailed from the Hunan province, appeared on the TV show to find a way to get the necessary work done in order for him to become a full-fledged female.

He was inspired by his idol, Jin Xing, a famous dancer and one of the most successful trans-women in China.

Li said he respects and admires Jin, who underwent gender realignment surgery back in 1996 despite massive social pressure at the time.

A plastic surgery hospital volunteered to help Li after watching the reality show, with the first step involving micro plastic injections. There is still a long way before he is able to have a full transsexual operation, but it’s closer than ever.

Li only told his parents of his lifelong dream of becoming a woman about a month ago.

They agreed to support his decision and his mother is sympathetic to her son’s dreams but blames herself for never paying enough attention to his desires.

Netizens had varied opinions on Li’s actions and one person wrote:

“I think she is miserable, and hope she could achieve her dream” while another remarked “Castration doesn’t mean he would become a girl, it only makes him an eunuch. So why bother?”

The Chinese government implemented new guidelines in respect to gender reassignment surgery in 2009. Those wishing to undergo surgery must first apply to the police to change their gender on their official registration documents, live openly as the gender for a number of years, be over twenty, cannot have a criminal record and must have informed their immediate family.

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