Traders Rough Up DAP’s Liew At Kluang Ramadan Bazaar

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PETALING JAYA – Traders at a Ramadan bazaar in Kluang roughed up DAP’s Liew Chin Tong yesterday evening when the DAP leader and his staff visited the place.

The Kluang MP said the incident occurred just before 7pm when he and his staff were at the dry goods section of the bazaar.

“When we entered the section, several traders blocked our path with three tables. They shouted at us to leave the area,” The Malaysian Insight quoted him as saying.

“One of my staff got manhandled and during the scuffle I got hit on the forehead and my glasses fell on the road.”

A viral video of the incident shows the traders seen harassing Liew and his staff as they go about distributing dates. They then got rowdy and started shouting at them to leave.

One of those in the crowd was said to have identified himself as an imam.

Liew lodged a report at the Kluang police station last night. Two other police reports were lodged by others in the party, the report added. – The Sun