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Tour, Haj Guidance By Tabung Haji For Pilgrims

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MADINAH – Tabung Haji (TH) is holding tour and Haj guidance programmes to increase Malaysian pilgrims’ understanding of Haj and to assist them in performing this Fifth Tenet of Islam as best as possible.

Manager of its 1438 Hijrah Haj in Madinah, Mohd Razali Zakaria said briefings on both programmes were being given to the pilgrims upon their arrival in this holy city as Madinah has many special features and important Islamic historical sites.

“The TH Haj guidance programme is at par with those in the packages organised by the private sector, with our tour programme divided into two, namely internal and external visits,” he said at a press conference, here, Wednesday.

According to him, under the guidance programme, TH staff would explain the Haj rituals and answer queries from the pilgrims.

Meanwhile, through the internal visit programme, pilgrims will be taken to Nabawi Mosque, Islam’s second holiest site, and shown the Rawdah, a small but very special area which extends from Prophet Muhammad’s tomb to his pulpit, and also visit the Prophet’s Tomb and then Baqi cemetery, wherein lie many companions, wives, daughters and other family members of the Prophet.

The external tour programme, on the other hand, involves visits to selected sites such as Quba Mosque (oldest mosque in the world, first built in year 622) , Qiblatain Mosque (built in 623), The Seven Mosques and the Martyrs of Uhud burial ground.

Mohd Razali said several Malaysian student studying in Madinah would be assisting TH personnel with the external tour programme by explaining about the historical sites.

In today’s tour programme, male pilgrims were taken to Nabawi Mosque through the Babus Salam entrance, the Prophet’s Tomb and then Baqi cemetery. – BERNAMA


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