Total Action To Eradicate Tonto And Smuggling

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KOTA BHARU – The Kelantan Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) have suggested that firm action be conducted by all enforcement agencies along the Kelantan-Thai border to totally eradicate smuggling activities.

Its chairman Datuk Abd Aziz Nawi said the enforcement activities should include tightening control at several entry points on the border into Kelantan.

“The issue of security cannot be compromised..what more when an enforcement personnel is killed. Smuggling activities must be tackled firmly to deter the smugglers,” he told Bernama when contacted here, today.

Abd Aziz was commenting on Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM) senior officer, Anisah Ali, 54, who died at 11.15 pm on Saturday when she went into a coma on Friday after a four wheel drive vehicle driven by a tonto rammed the vehicle she was travelling in with two colleagues in Kampung Banggol Chica, Pasir Mas.

The incident occured when the three JKDM officers were tailing a vehicle suspected of ferrying contraband cigarettes.

Abd Aziz said serious attention must be focused on the entry routes along Sungai Golok which forms the Kelantan-Thailand border via the cooperation of the border enforcement agencies other than boosting ties with the Thai authorities.

He said action should also be taken against those who sheltered or were in cahoot with smugglers.

Meanwhile, residents staying along the border including Pengkalan Kubor, Tumpat appreciated the effort of the enforcement authorities to eradicate smuggling activities.

Pengkalan Kubor state assemblyman Mat Razi Mat Ail said a more strategic prevention measure could be implemented in tackling the issue.

“We appreciate the role played by the enforcement authorities on the border but safety must be given priority,” he said.

Mat Razi said residents along the border could also be facing the same threat and caution must be exercised to avoid a repeat of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Border Security Agency (AKSEM) in Kelantan suggested that the communities in the state proactively channelled information to related enforcement authorities on smuggling activities to effectively curb them.

Kelantan AKSEM commander Mohd Asri Yahya said AKSEM would conduct a large scale operation to eradicate smuggling and tonto because they were threats to national security.

Mohd Asri said AKSEM always reminded its members to be cautious on the threat from tonto who could resort to violence.

He said tonto who obstructed the authorities from carrying out their duties could be charged under Section 136 of the Customs Act 1967.

“The penalty for a first offender is three years’ jail and fine RM10,000. A second time offender can be jailed not more than five years and fined RM20,000, upon conviction,” he added. – BERNAMA