Tony Bennett’s Regret About Amy Winehouse

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THE ‘Back to Black’ hit-maker Amy Winehouse tragically passed away in July 2011 from accidental alcohol poisoning and the 90-year-old singer Tony Bennett wishes he could have told her that she was his “idol and a once-in-a-lifetime talent” before she passed.

He writes in his book ‘Just Getting Started’: “Should I have told her that I’d contended a little bit with drugs and alcohol myself and knew how you can fall into a bad cycle but I also knew that you could bring yourself back?

“Would it have made a difference if someone she considered an idol had said to her something like, ‘You’re my idol. You are a once-in-a-lifetime talent. Please don’t take that from the world.'”

The ‘Lady Is A Tramp’ singer praised Amy for her “engaging, funny and charming” nature.

He added: “Amy was engaging, funny, charming, and utterly professional but a little bit shy. She said she was nervous because she had never recorded a song with someone she considered to be one of her idols.”

Meanwhile, singer Adele previously opened up about her adoration for Amy. She said: “If it wasn’t for Amy and ‘Frank,’ one hundred per cent I wouldn’t have picked up a guitar, I wouldn’t have written ‘Daydreamer’ or ‘Hometown’ and I wrote ‘Someone Like You’ on the guitar too.