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To-Dye-For: 5 Beauty Uses Of Henna

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With a history that dates back to at least 12th century BC, henna is actually a plant that produces various shades of dye. In addition to intricate temporary tattoos, there are several ways you’ve been missing out on using henna like its devotees around the globe.

Hair Dye
If you’re looking for an all-natural hair dye, henna is for you. While it comes in a variety of colours, you’ll see the most visible results with a form of red — the most common shade of henna dye. Apply the paste to your hair, let it sit for several hours, then rinse for a whole new you.

Nail Polish
No, that isn’t nail art! Henna has long been used as a form of nail polish and is rumored to help strengthen nails and ward off fungus. But remember, henna is a stain. So should you choose to try this lacquer technique, you’ll be stuck with it until it fades.

Scalp Treatment
If you suffer from dandruff, excess shedding, or a dry scalp, you can try henna as a natural alternative to all the topical medicinal treatments on the market. According to these recipes, you can mix henna leaves with yogurt, fenugreek, or an egg for some stellar hair masks.

Hair Gloss and Conditioner
Henna nourishes the hair follicle while removing buildup, making hair naturally shiny and healthy. While you can get these results from coloured henna, try neutral (colourless) henna to avoid a major makeover. If your hair is damaged or overprocessed, a richer leave-in treatment is more up your alley.

Nipple Tint
Yeah, we were as surprised by this as you are! If you aren’t pleased with the shade nature gave you, you can dye your nipples a different hue. We just wouldn’t recommend breastfeeding afterward.


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