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TMJ: Don’t Arrest Those Who Make Seditious Remarks Against Me

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PETALING JAYA: Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (pic) has asked the police not to arrest those who make allegedly seditious remarks against him, but rather, arrange a face-to-face meeting between them instead.

“I would prefer it if the authorities can organise a meeting for me to meet with these people and give them the privilege of saying what they want to say to my face, man to man,” the Johor Crown Prince said in a statement posted on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page on Monday.

He said that he knew about the incident, but could not do anything as someone else lodged the police report against the suspect.

A Pahang football fan, Masyhur Abdullah, 29, was recently arrested for allegedly insulting Tunku Ismail, the owner of the Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) football club, on Twitter.

He claimed that they are pages in social media that are paid to instigate the people to fight and quarrel amongst themselves so that their attention was diverted away from issues that truly matter.

“This enables the people in big organisations and in power to implement their mission without the people even knowing. The people should judge for themselves.

I’m lucky as I am in the position to hear and see with my own eyes and ears what these people in big organisations are orchestrating without the knowledge of the people,” he said.

Tunku Ismail also said that he had questioned an unnamed VIP why the education level could not be improved, with two simple reasons being given.

“The first is to obtain votes, and the second is to make it easy to control the minds of the stupid and uneducated.

“This is why I prioritise Johoreans’ education because I don’t want my people to be easily manipulated by the system,” he said.


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