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Times Are Rough For Malaysia’s Tina Turner

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Known in the 1980s as Malaysia’s Tina Turner, singer Sahara Yaacob is going through some hard times.

“I am relying on the goodwill of my relatives. However, they are also not earning well. Some of them are selling nasi lemak. When I have no food, I will go to their house. If I am embarrassed for having asked too frequently, I stay hungry or just eat bread,” she told BH Ahad.

Sahara, 60, was previously known for her daring image.

The BH Ahad article stated that Sahara was involved in a number of controversies, including an incident in 1992 when she was slashed by a businessman.

Sahara, who has been married five times, moved into the storeroom of her late sister’s home after she divorced her fifth husband two years ago.

“No one comes for visits except for my relatives and close friends,” she said.


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