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Tighten Enforcement To Stamp Out Bullying – Analysts

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KUALA LUMPUR: Enforcement against bullying and violent behaviour among students and youths in the country should be intensified as such incidents are getting more prevalent.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s school of psychology and human developement lecturer Associate Professor Dr Romzi Ismail said the committee set up to combat the issue should be more active and firm to curb such social ill.

He said students should be warned against adopting such negative attitude.

“It is imperative that schools or institutions of learning, parents and students need to review existing modules to look into the sources of such behaviour to find lasting solutions,” he told Bernama recently.

Dr Romzi said the party responsible should conduct intervention against bullying and ragging, and the perpetrators be brought to justice.

“Programmes such as peer group activities, counseling and role-play sessions can assist to create awareness among students, apart from monitoring on emotional and academic aspects.

“Playing a reversal of role could be practised among students to understand the feelings of being a bully victim and the consequences of adopting such violent behaviour.”

He said from the aspect of psychology, bullying occurred because the bully and victim had identity crises.

He said a bully victim usually saw himself as weak, had no friends and had pent-up feelings as he did not share his stories with others and was therefore, isolated from community groups.

For the bully, he noted this group did not have self-confidence, showed their brawn to cover their weaknesses and they could have been victims of bullying or violent behaviour themselves.

National Union of the Teaching Profession president, Hashim Adnan felt the effort to combat the issue should be stepped up and not be taken lightly.

He said among the causes of violence among students included boredom and engaging in negative behaviour, adding that the social ill could be addressed with motivational and identity camps to strengthen relations among students.

“Religious and moral education can also encourage students to adopt good behaviour and mutual respect.”– BERNAMA


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