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Ti Lian Ker: Quit Selangor Exco, DAP

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PETALING JAYA: The three DAP executive councilors in the Selangor executive council should quit their posts or demand the removal of all PAS members from the exco, said MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman Datuk Sri Ti Lian Ker (pic).

“DAP must self-reflect and ask themselves as to why they still share the same state government with PAS and PKR.

“MCA will quit when we have reached the line but DAP must quit now for PAS has crossed the line by tabling the Private Member’s Bill against the crux of all cooperation,” said Ti in a press release on Monday.

Ti said that DAP should either demand that PAS be kicked out of the PKR-led Selangor’s administration or opt out as a “matter of principle”, after a Private Member’s Bill on the hudud – initially tabled by PAS President Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang – was brought forward in the Dewan Rakyat last Thursday.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said had moved a motion to push Hadi’s Bill – which was earlier listed as No. 15 or the last item – up the Order Paper.

However, Hadi had requested for the Bill to be only debated at the next Parliament meeting in October.

“I challenge DAP to quit now in response to DAP challenging MCA, along with other non-Malay Barisan Nasional component parties to quit the ruling coalition. We have responded to DAP’s challenges but DAP as usual is playing dumb and numb,” said Ti.

He added that MCA has consistently opposed the proposed amendments to the Syariah Bill, also saying that he notes that DAP continues to work alongside PAS in Selangor despite being opposed to the Bill.

“For all the fuss that was kicked up over hudud, DAP is still working alongside PAS as if “nothing happens”; and they have the gall to ask us to quit Barisan Nasional now. DAP must be reminded that the Rocket is jumping the gun when they challenged MCA to quit Barisan Nasional as we are not there yet unlike PAS vis-a-vis DAP,” said Ti.

He stressed that Barisan Nasional never tabled the Bill.

“It was PAS all along and DAP knows it. DAP’s ally, PKR is still cosy and working closely with PAS. PKR is part of Pakatan Harapan, which also comprises DAP and Amanah, a PAS splinter party.

DAP is still maintaining a relationship with PKR and PAS especially in Selangor when they should sever all ties,” said Ti.


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