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This Year’s Flash Floods Deemed The Worst In Ringlet

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CAMERON HIGHLANDS – Residents of Ringlet consider this year’s flash flood as the worst to hit the area compared to a similar incident due to the release of water from the Sultan Abu Bakar Dam in Lembah Bertam last year.

A vegetable lorry attendant, K.Kumaresan, 40, said this was the worst flooding in his 26 years living in Ringlet as water levels were waist high.

“We’ve experienced floods before but not as bad as what is happening now,” he told Bernama when met at the Ringlet Multipurpose Hall today.

Recounting the incident, Kumaresan said water from the river gushed into his house in a blink of an eye and all he could think about at the time was to save his four family members.

“I took them (family) to a higher place and I didn’t manage to salvage any important documents,” he said.

Kumaresan said in order to avoid the incident from recurring, the authorities need to widen Sungai Ringlet.

Housewife Kalsom Abdul Rashid, 57, shared the same sentiments saying the small channel of Sungai Ringlet resulted in its inability to cater to water from Sungai Bertam, especially when it rained.

During the incident, she was ironing clothes and did not realise that water had seeped into the kitchen and living room, she said.

“I called my husband and children to help save our belongings before they are carried away by the water,” said Kalsom, who almost fainted when she saw her flooded home.

In the 6.30pm incident last Wednesday, residents living by Sungai Bertam, near here, were ordered to evacuate their homes when water from the Sultan Abu Bakar Dam was released in stages following its increasing levels due to heavy rainfall.

Meanwhile, Ringlet town was also hit by flash floods when water from a nearby river overflowed after an hour of heavy rainfall.

Five people were killed in the incident while five others were injured.    – BERNAMA


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