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This New Korean Beauty Trend Makes Your Makeup Lasts All Day

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In a practical sense, dunking your makeup-covered face in a bowl of water might not seem like the best idea. According to a new Korean beauty trend, however, the opposite may actually be true.

Shared by Vogue, the trend, called jamsu, roughly translates to “diving” or “submerging,” and involves coating your face with baby powder before dunking your visage in water.

The trend developed last summer, when sweltering temperatures and humidity sent Koreans scrambling for a melt-proof beauty solution.

Introduced by a Japanese beauty blogger, jamsu has seen varying degrees of success, with some YouTubers claiming they love the trend, while others saying it didn’t work for them.

Similar to the theory that putting your freshly painted nails in cold water will help dry and set the polish, the trend also bears a resemblance to the popular beauty technique of baking, which involves setting areas of your face with a loose powder to help your makeup stay in place longer.

The Today Show’s Emily Slawek recently tested the trend to see if it actually worked, and her results were pretty promising. She began by applying her foundation and concealer before coating her face in a generous dusting of baby powder before submerging her face in a bowl of cold water for 15-30 seconds (the drier your skin, the less amount of time you should spend under the water). Slawek then applied the rest of her makeup and went about her day, revealing at the end of the clip that her makeup lasted through 10 hours, a quesadilla and a three-mile run.


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