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This Fake Arm Selfie Stick Makes You Look Less Lonely In Photos

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It’s been banned in museums, art galleries and sports events, but the selfie stick or monopod is here to stay and now, made BETTER. Introducing: the ‘selfie arm’.

Spearheaded by two guys, Justin Crowe and Aric Snee, the Selfie Arm works much like a traditional monopod but with a twist: the pole is shaped like a human arm extending towards you and give an illusion that your self-shot was captured by a loved one, which makes you look like you actually have a love life. Sad.



“Nobody wants to look alone while they mindlessly snap pictures of themselves,” Crowe’s website says.

The lightweight design prototype is made out of fibreglass, for easy handling.

The Selfie Arm is still a concept and have not gone into mass production just yet, but with the latest ‘Follow me to’ photography fad, we predict this contraption might just catch on.-MYNEWSHUB.CC




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