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This Beautiful Woman Is Jakarta’s Most Wanted Con Artist

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This pretty lady will steal your heart…and your money.

Lisa Rudiani is an alleged serial thief who has apparently duped a bunch of people out of their money in Jakarta. She caused such a stir on social media recently that picked up on a popular thread of her victims’ accounts on the discussion forum Kaskus.

“Guys, beware of this lying woman, she pretends to be your good friend at first but then she proposes to invest in a business with you… She ‘borrows’ her friends’ money or credit cards (a lot of her close friends and work colleagues have lost credit cards, gold, and money). This person has been lying for years but was never caught because she could easily escape. She ‘operated’ in Medan, Sidoarjo, Bandung, and lastly, Jakarta,” thread starter fguru, who also claimed he was a victim, wrote on Kaskus.


Other users also shared their first hand experiences with Lisa.

“…It was like I was being hypnotized. Can you imagine, every day she asked for Rp. 25 to 50 thousand, and I would give it to her without hesitation… The weird thing is, I couldn’t get mad because I felt sorry for her. That’s a spell guys, beware,” sebelas1213 wrote.

One user, lidyabeng, even went so far as to acquire CCTV footage of Lisa shopping for gold using a stolen credit card:

Apparently, Lisa also deceived people extremely close to her.

“I know this woman-devil. My neighbor, who is also my friend, almost married her. The invitations were already sent out. But she stole a bunch of things from my friend’s house, like her future in-laws’ ATM card. She even asked her fiancée to go on a trip to Thailand using ‘her money’ which actually belonged to her future in-laws. It’s a shame my friend had to close up his shop as a result,” kenangg wrote.

According to, Lisa last worked for the Soechi Group in Jakarta as a secretary. Her whereabouts are unknown, but she was fired from her last job after allegedly deceiving and stealing from her colleagues.MYNEWSHUB


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