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Thinx Leak-Proof Panties Are The Saviour For All Womankind

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It’s not easy being a woman in the 21st century: the depressing need to fit into the unrealistic standards of beauty, body-shaming, hypersexualized “role models”, and– irritating PMS caused by consumption of heavily-salted an/or artificially sweetened foods– which in turn, make us kiss our pretty satin undies goodbye and hello big, shapeless granny panties.

Period panties: We’ve all got ‘em. Let’s just say they’re probably not the prettiest pairs in your underwear drawer—and you don’t want anyone to see them. That’s all about to change, thanks to a new line of undies created specially for that time of the month that’s downright cute.

THINX underwear comes only in black and is trimmed with lace—no one in the locker room would be the wiser. But there’s more to these panties than a smart colour choice. A specially treated, four-layered fabric in the gusset makes them stain- and leak-resistant, anti-microbial, and moisture wicking.

THINX promises to be leak-proof and comfortable at the same time.
How THINX work. Look at those layers!


So these undies function as a backup to tampons and pads (which actually fit in the nether area), sparing you all those just-checking-down-there trips to the bathroom—and they can replace panty liners on light days.

And it gets better: THINX—which was partially funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo—is helping women around the world get through their periods. For every pair purchased, Uganda-based organization AFRIpads makes seven washable cloth pads for women and girls in the developing world who might not have consistent access to sanitary products.

This is huge for women who might miss a week of school or work each month during their period.

No word yet on whether the revolutionary panties will make it to our Malaysian soil, but when it has, we would be the first one in line!MYNEWSHUB



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