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The Writing’s On The Wall–Pakatan Will Break

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The writing is on the wall – Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is as good as finished.

The three-party opposition alliance has finally learn the truth about real politics – ideologies and philosophies are important matters in any political co-operation as marriage of convenience cannot last long.

By March 8, DAP will have no choice but to move a proposal to get PAS out of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) for tabling the Hudud laws without agreement from other parties in the pact.

Because that is the date Kelantan PAS government had schedule for the state assembly to have a special sitting where a Private Members Bill would be drafted to be tabled in Parliament to clear the party to implement Hudud Laws in the state.

And that is the date DAP legal bureau chairman Gobind Singh Deo had said DAP would consider the Islamist party as being out of PR for pushing its agenda without agreement from the pact’s leadership council.

PAS is not a party that put aside its goals just to please its partners in the pact but it is an Islamist party that is responsible to implement Islamic laws and it is no longer apologetic about it.

The party has been struggling on its own after it was set up in 1955 and it has no qualms leaving the strong and ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition in 1978 just because BN’s philosophy and ideology did not and till today, do not coincide with its Islamic objectives.

And with PR’s DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), PAS has got no qualms being ‘sacked’ or ‘expelled’ from the unregistered pact so long as it can continue implementing its Islamic objectives without obstacles.

After all, PAS itself is now at ‘war’ – not just with DAP but most importantly from within, where it has drawn a clear line – against the liberals in the party allegedly attempting to overthrow the ulamak leadership.

Investigations have begun with the purported voice video of party deputy president Mohamad Sabu now made viral on plan to unseat president Datuk Seri Abdl Hadi Awang and his supporters.

The Islamist party has been locking horns with DAP since the pact started some seven years ago – before the 2008 general election – and till today the two parties which are poles apart in ideology and philosophy have never seen eye-to-eye in most political matters.

The only thing the two have in common is to unseat the ruling BN and beyond that they are ‘enemies’.

PAS fundamentalists who are under attack from the liberals, who are friends of PKR de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, had been quite successful in eroding the influence of the fundamentalists led by Hadi in the party’s election last year.

In November, the group formed PasMa, an NGO, supposedly to replace PAS if the Islamist party is to leave the opposition pact so that the opposition pact still has support frtom PAS members.

Now that PAS ulamak had declare ‘war’ against PasMa and also the liberals at its convention last Saturday held in Serdang, and with the threat of being ‘sacked’ or ‘expelled’ from the opposition pact, the Islamist party does not seem to have any worries.

What appeared to be a ‘quiet and shy’ image all the while, the ulamaks have now stood up and openly blasted attempts by the liberals and PasMa, including DAP.

In Saturday’s convention, the ulamaks directly told off DAP to ‘shut up and do whatever you want’ as ‘we are doing what we have aimed for with or without your agreement.’

The content of the convention is sufficient to tell parties in PR as well as Malaysians at large that PAS is prepared to go on its own which has now created a new political landscape in the country.-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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