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The Taste Of Fusion Korean Offerings At The New And Improved BBQ Chicken

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Have you ever got bored of the usual chicken place your friends and family dine in every Friday night? Feel that the greasiness of last night’s unfinished chicken batch is just too artery-clogging and weird-tasting to handle?

Well, BBQ Chicken has the answer to all your poultry woes.

Jumping in on the opportunity to give a test run on irs Korean-fusion fares,we caught up with the franchise’s Asst. Marketing Manager Josephine Koh, whom graciously invited us for a taste-test to remember in its Festival City Mall branch.

Having went through a massive overhaul, the ‘chicken experts’ had taken steps to revamp the franchise to a more exciting, crowd-pleasing theme.

“In BBQ Chicken, we take our chickens VERY seriously,” she said with a laugh. “Started in September 1995, BBQ Chicken has now grown to be the No. 1 franchise brand in Korea with more than 1,850 shops and was the first Franchise Company ever to be selected as Korea’s top 100 Brands.”

“We even have our very own Chicken University, the first of its kind in the world. The centre serves to provide training and also houses more than 30 food professionals for R&D purposes,” she explained.

Golden Olive Chicken Platter
Golden Olive Chicken

According to Josephine, “BBQ Chicken strives for serving delicious and healthy meals to its patrons, thus the creation of the restaurant’s signature dish Golden Olive Chicken (prices start at RM15.90/2pcs).We also use fresh chickens that we marinate daily; we don’t believe in freezing and defrosting chicken as that would affect to the quality of our dishes.” The Golden Olive Chicken consists of tender pieces of chicken deep-fried to perfection using superior quality olive oil, the dish is well-seasoned and incredibly juicy. What won us over was the chickens did not leave the pesky,oily residue we usually get with commercial fried chickens.

Gangjeong Chicken
Gangjeong Chicken

Next up, we were presented with Gangjeong Chicken (prices start at RM16.50/6pcs), fried pieces of chicken coated with a special coating, topped with chopped peanuts. The dish is sticky,spicy and yields a lot of character. Definitely a must-try!

Further testing our palettes, Josephine enticed us with a medley of the restaurant’s signature offerings: Korean Charbroiled (RM42.50) and Jerk BBQ Platter (RM39.50). Both dishes have different yet distinguished flavours, the Korean Charbroiled has a delicate caramelized sweet soy sauce flavour with a hint of bitterness from the grill, while the Jerk BBQ Platter has notes of spicy tangy-ness from the special marinade. The fresh chicken thighs were steeped in their respective glorious sauces for 12-15 hours before grilling, which contributes to its distinctive flavours.

Jerk BBQ_01
Jerk BBQ Platter
Korean Charbroiled Chicken Platter
Korean Charbroiled Chicken Platter

To those with an adventurous tastebuds, another must-try menu is what Josephine calls,”an acquired taste– you either love it or hate it”, which is the Spoon Pizza or Sous-Vide Chicken (RM26.50). Unlike most pizzas that uses bread dough as its base, the Spoon Pizza opts for a rather peculiar crust made of pancake batter. Its sweet,fluffy base was complimented with salty components of stringy cheese and chicken ham slices. Josephine recommends drizzling the pizza with a little honey. Though a little cautious at first, we found out they were a match made in gastronomy heaven.

Spoon Pizza (Sous-Vide Chicken)
Spoon Pizza (Sous-Vide Chicken)

Another dish that we were excited to try was Hot Hot Drum (prices start at RM16.50), fried drummets coated in a super-spicy sauce, definitely not for the faint of heart. So fiery, that Josephine warned us before we tucked in! “Careful,it’s very spicy. I can’t manage to finish it all,” she mused. And hot it was! We only managed to mask the internal flame on the rims of our mouths with polite sips of ice-cold water before digging in again.

Hot Hot Drum Platter
Hot Hot Drum Platter

BBQ Chicken has an extensive array of choices on the menu, mostly of East-meets-West influences, such as the Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Kimchi Deopbap. One of the most unique offerings of the restaurant is the Coco-Col, which is chicken pieces that comes with a drink for those who are on-the-go.

With over 4,000 branches across the world, BBQ Chicken has 13 location around Malaysia, with another two coming soon in Sabah.

The restaurant offers a quaint and cozy ambience, perfect for a quiet lunch with the significant other or a night out with the family.MYNEWSHUB/Text: SARA KHALID

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