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The Sweetest, Smallest Little Girl Catches Fish For The First Time In Freezing Alaska

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Children are just tiny adults, absorbing their surroundings like sponge. That is why getting our kids to like the thing we enjoy doing could be a harrowing task, so it’s crucial to make sure that we got the first trial right.

However, this father took his daughter fishing for the first time in the subarctic Alaskan weather and rest assured, there’s no dad alive that could have hoped for a better result. She’s a natural!

In the 1 minute 31-second clip, the little girl was seen putting every ounce of her strength to reel her catch.

Dressed in a cute pink anorak and tiny snowboots, her frustration was apparent as she struggled to pull up the fish. In the background, her parents can be heard shouting words of encouragement to the young tot: “Reel, Bethanny, reel! Reel it, don’t yank!”

A little while later, the fish finally gave up and Bethanny successfully procured her handsome catch.

You can say that it’s just beginners’ luck, but she portrayed a good fisher’s attitude: patience, composure and just a little bit of aggressiveness!MYNEWSHUB



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