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The Picture Is Becoming Clearer: The Edge Did Deal With Justo

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I  have read comments in the social media by some critics of the government that the Royal Malaysian Police and the Malaysian media cannot be trusted so anything they say must be taken with a pinch of salt.

Well, now we have the leading Singapore newspaper revealing the details of an interview it had with Xavier Andre Justo who is currently in a Thai jail. And what Justo said was based on what he told the Royal Thai Police.

It is now very clear that The Edge did deal with Justo. It appears, however, they were not able to complete the transaction because Justo was arrested before the money could be transferred.

According to Justo, the delay was due to The Edge not being happy with the way the money was going to be transferred, which would leave a paper trail. They wanted to make sure that nothing would be traceable.

Finally it was agreed that the money would be transferred through a ‘middleman’ who would then transfer the money to Justo. This would protect The Edge from any traceable links with Justo.

So The Edge already knew that what they were doing was wrong and they wanted to cover their tracks.

The Edge says it never paid Justo anything because it never intended to pay in the first place.

Justo says he does not know if the money was actually paid to the ‘middleman’ in the end because he was arrested before he could receive any money.

Based on what Justo said there is always a possibility that the ’middleman’ did receive the money and is still holding on to it.

Whatever it may be, even is it is true that The Edge cheated Justo of his money like they said they did, the fact still remains that there were dealings and many negotiations on top of that from the look of things.

The fact that The Edge may have cheated Justo or never intended to pay from the beginning is one thing.

That there were dealings between The Edge and Justo is an undeniable fact. And that is what the whole issue is about, not the issue that Justo was cheated of his money. –


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