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The “Perfect Selfie” Make-Up Tips (No Filter Required!)

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You’ve done it on the sidewalk, at your desk, behind the wheel, and even in the bathroom: the selfie. Love them or hate them, these solo snaps seem to be sticking around (the word selfie has even been added to the Oxford Dictionary, which is mildly depressing). To help you master the cultural phenomenon with grace we have a few beautifying tricks that will have you looking double-tap worthy in seconds.

1. Prepare your skin for make-up with skincare

Add some moisture to your complexion by dabbing on a coin-sized amount of hydrating cream or serum. It enhances the efficacy of other skincare products in the ritual and gives skin a glow. Mix a drop of the serum into a pump of liquid foundation, and the make-up will glide onto skin more easily too.

2. Use a primer

Base make-up can help your foundation look freshly applied, for longer. Primers also blur out imperfections such as enlarged pores while smoothening and mattifying the skin.

If you are concerned about dullness and dryness, try a hydrating,rich primer. It moisturises and plumps up skin, so the foundation applied on top remains flawless and does not settle into fine lines.

3. Pick the right foundation

Use a foundation that is made with a Universal Light Technology which makes skin look good even under harsh lighting. The special colour pigments give skin a flattering, lit-from-within glow.

The right foundation for your skin should not make it look greasy. The Teint foundation is oil-free, lightweight and controls shine. It also hydrates the skin so it remains supple, and it does not become flaky and patchy, even after long hours in an air-con room.

When applying foundation for a natural finish, start with one pump and layer more only when necessary.

4. Sculpt your face

To prevent your face from looking too “flat” in a photo, enhance the contours by mattifying the areas you want to play down (such as a wide jawline), and highlighting your best features (such as a defined nose bridge).

Apply a highlighting pen on the cheekbones, nose bridge, and from the outer corners of the eyes to the temples in a “C” shape.

To make your face look smaller, mattify your forehead and sides of your face with a compact foundation.

5. Add some colour to brighten the face

Enhance your complexion with a natural blush shade, such as a rosy or a brick-like shade. Contrast your lip colour with the rest of your skin, so pick a bright pink lipstick, or go with a peachy,orange tinge that would add an extra zing to your overall look.MYNEWSHUB


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