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The Name List Of 23 Criminal Gangs Released

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The Home Ministry has just outed a total of 23 criminal gangs throughout the country, and has declared them to be in violation of Section 5(1) of the Societies Act 1966, with the gazette PU(A) 34/2015.

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the gangs are known to conduct activities which are detrimental to public safety and the rule of law, such as narcotics distribution, prostitution, illegal gambling, luxury car theft and extortion.

The names of the gangs gazetted today are as follows:

  1. 3821
  2. Ngo Sek Kee
  3. Gee Hor Sia
  4. Chong Woh
  5. Gee Long San
  6. Gee It Leng
  7. Gee Hon San
  8. Guat Sam Sia
  9. It Tiam Ang
  10. Lian Heng Siah
  11. Ang Mor Low
  12. Sio Or Leng
  13. Loong Hong San
  14. 969 (Kow Lak Kow)
  15. 32 Sar Jee
  16. Chaun San
  17. Fong Hong San
  18. Jin Jee Tong
  19. Gee Lam Kok
  20. Hong Fah
  21. Knight of Right Keepers @ Kappa Rho Kappa (KRK)
  22. Malin Kundang (Sandakan)
  23. Special Force (Lahad Datu)

“These organisationsalso instigate conflicts between other gangs, wreak havoc on society, and conduct illicit smuggling activities. They have also provided intelligence and logistical assistance to groups of kidnappers from the southern Philippines as to the whereabouts and actions of covert law enforcement teams,” Zahid said in a statement released yesterday, obtained by Harian Metro’s Hayati Ibrahim.

“Following this, no individual or group os allowed to use the name, symbol, insignia, or logo of any of these gangs as representing an organisation, in accordance with the stipulations in Section 7(3)(b) of the Societies Act 1966.”-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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