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“The Male Figure In The Video Is Not UAI”, Says Preacher’s Assistant

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The spreading of a sex video involving Ustaz Azhar Idrus that has been making its way around the Internet recently was condemned by the famed preacher’s followers as a cheap shot of a smear campaign.

The video’s authenticity was disputed by his assistant, Zulkifli Wahab, who said that the scandal was obviously stirred in attempt to tarnish his good name and also to dampen Islamic preachers’s efforts to spread the word of God and the prophet in Malaysia.

(Sex Video Alleged To Involve Ustaz Azhar Idrus Leaks)

“The video is a fake. I urge the public to put complete distrust on it.

“Lately there have been a so-called movement to disgrace Malaysian Muslim clerics. Possibly due to jealousy as more and more people have turned to religion as a result of these good preachers.

“Therefore, it is preposterous for anyone to be easily tricked into believing that the video was indeed recorded by UAI himself.”

Pointing fingers at the ‘I Want To Touch A Dog’ programmed held last weekend, Zulkifli told Harian Metro that several efforts to tear down the image of the Islamic religion is active and on the prowl.

“They will stop at nothing to cause damage to Muslims,” he divulged.

Asked on UAI’s reaction to the video, Zulkifli revealed that business is as usual.

“He is still filling in his packed schedule and attending numerous sermons across the country. Safe to say, he is unaffected and remains unperturbed.”MYNEWSHUB


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