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The 3 Basic Vege-Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should Master

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Before you can master making your own tomato sauce, hosting your first dinner party, or tackling any number of must-know recipes, acquiring basic knife skills should be your priority in the kitchen.

Knowing your way around a cutting board is essential. Since vegetables are integral to nearly everyone’s diet, we thought we’d show you how to cut onions, tomatoes, and garlic, three of the most commonly used veggies.

How to Dice an Onion

1.Slice off the top of the onion.
2. Slice down through the roots.
3.Peel off the skin and top layer.
4.Slice down from top almost to roots.
5.Turn it 90° and slice sideways.
6.Slice down, chopping it into tiny pieces.

How to Chop a Tomato

1.Remove the stem from the tomato.
2.Remove the core by cutting on an angle.
3.Set the tomato on its side and slice down.

How to Mince Garlic

1.Break the bulb by hand.
2.Smash each clove with the side of a knife.
3.Peel off the clove skin.
4.Slice the clove horizontally into eighths.
5.Chop the eighths lengthwise into fine pieces.


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