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Teresa Kok: My Right To Attend Oktoberfest Parties

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KUALA LUMPUR – “It is my right to take part in the Oktoberfest parties”, said DAP national vice-chairman Teresa Kok (pix) despite attracting criticisms from PAS members.

The Seputeh MP said it was not her intention to insult anybody when the photos of her and other non-Muslim lawmakers posing with their beer mugs were uploaded on her Facebook page.

“It has nothing to do with insulting anybody … it is within our civil rights (to attend the event),” she said when met by reporters at PAS headquarters here, Sunday.

Temerloh PAS MP Nasrudin Hasan was one of the staunch opponents against the organisation of Oktoberfest in the country and this had prompted calls from conservative groups for the event to be cancelled.

However, Kok said Nasrudin had the right to disagree, but stressed that it was a non-Muslim event.

“He can have the right to disagree but we didn’t invite the Muslims to come.

“It is a non-Muslim event and has nothing to do with their faith,” she said.

She also slammed a Malay daily for playing up the matter and suggesting that DAP and PKR did not consider the sensitivities of PAS.

“There’s so many non-Muslim functions and I put them on my Facebook, are they telling me I can no longer put up these photos of wedding or yum seng (bottoms up) on my Facebook?” she said.

On Saturday, Kok uploaded photos of the Oktoberfest party held at One Utama, Petaling Jaya, which was also attended by Selangor executive councillors Elizabeth Wong, Ean Yong Hian Wah and Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng.

In her Facebook, she wrote that she had decided to attend the party after “certain quarters” tried to block it from happening.

“When I arrived at the event at the car-park area of One Utama, I was told by the host that the crowds were bigger this year.

“I think the controversy has given the event free publicity. It has also created the curiosity of many defiant non-Muslims like me to attend the event,” she wrote.

Nasrudin also posted on his Facebook page over the Oktoberfest parties, which was an apparent attack against his party colleagues, who had attended the pesta arak (booze fest).

“They asked me to keep quiet from voicing out against this pesta arak. They said it is their right.

“Then why do they make noise against my effort to fight for hudud laws in Kelantan? Isn’t that my right as a Muslim?” he asked.

Earlier, Kok was speaking alongside PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu and other social activists on the anti-Sedition Act fundraising dinner on Oct 27, which will be held at MBPJ Civics Centre.

The tables will be sold from RM5000 to RM10,000. – The Star Online



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