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Terengganu Mufti: Protecting Children Through Vaccines Is Compulsory

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KUALA TERENGGANU: Terengganu Mufti’s Department has come out with a fatwa (edict) stating that all vaccinations are halal (permissible).

The state Fatwa Committee, chaired by its Mufti, Datuk Dr Zulkifly Muda, had come to a decision on June 29 that it was “wajib” (a must) for children in the state to be vaccinated to curb the disease attacking and causing severe health problems including deaths.

The committee, in a statement released on Tuesday, also reminded Muslims in Terengganu not to fall for talk or statements made alleging that these vaccinations was a Jewish agenda and was made to weaken the Muslims.

“There isn’t any proof to support such allegations and it is also a known fact that the Jews themselves are being vaccinated with the same vaccines,” said the statement adding that if the was any side effects, it was minimal and would not harm the individual physically or mentally.


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