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Terengganu Beaches Should Be Placed With Dress Code Signs

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PETALING JAYA – Terengganu MCA has suggested for the beaches in the state to be placed with signage showing the appropriate dress code so that non-Muslims can avoid being questioned by enforcement officers.

“To avoid doubt and arguments, it is safer to place signage at the seaside showing the permitted beach-wear for Muslims and non-Muslims,” said Terengganu MCA liaison committee chairman Datuk Toh Chin Yaw in a statement on Sunday (June 24).

He said that Terengganu MCA is concerned that those who look similar to Malay Muslims could be mistakenly summoned by the authorities.

“Native Sabahans and Sarawakians, Eurasians, Malaysians who are of mixed parentage such as the children of Indian and Chinese parents may be mistaken as Muslims and summoned for not dressing appropriately,” said Toh.

He added that the signs should also show beach do’s-and-dont’s, saying that unacceptable behaviour includes nudity, copulation, littering, bringing glass containers, disturbing turtles, and shining lights at night that frighten baby turtles.

Toh said this in response to a report quoting Terengganu human capital, missionary work and information executive councillor Mohamad Nor Hamzah saying that the state government will not restrict non-Muslims from dressing in bikinis.

However, Mohamad Nor added that the authorities may approach tourists for “discussions” from time to time.

Toh said although he welcomes the move by Mohamad Nor, he hopes that the assurance given will not be exploited and abused by enforcement officers. – The Star Online


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