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Teachers Must Have Loving Nature, Says Chong Sin Woon

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SHAH ALAM: Teachers must make schools harmonious and happy places for children as well as update themselves with the current expectations and trends in teaching.

Deputy Education Minister Senator Chong Sin Woon said people who wanted to become teachers must be loving in nature.

“Those who decide they want to become teachers must really need to have a loving heart and love children.

“Don’t become teachers for the job and for the salary because if you do, you wouldn’t go very far,” Chong told reporters at the groundbreaking ceremony of a new block for SJK (C) Chung Hua Klang at Bukit Kemuning nesr here.

He also presented the school a cheque for RM4 mil.

Chong, who is also MCA youth chief, was commenting on a recent spate of incidents where teachers had resorted to assaulting their students.

He added that there were standard operating procedures with regard to punishing errant students which teachers should adhere to instead of beating them up.

“Please follow the guidelines,” said Chong adding that parents’ mindsets have changed in regards to children’s educational methods.

Because of this, said Chong, the old style of teaching cannot be applied on today’s children.

“We need to catch-up with the latest way of educating children,” he said.

Chong also advised teachers who were facing problems and easily tensed-up to seek counselling.

He also said he would be calling a meeting, next week, of the ministry’s main disciplinary committee to discuss matters such as gangsterism in schools.

“The committees will comprises of the police, parents and teachers as well since we need to get everyone involved and cannot depend on teachers alone to counter the problem,” he added.

He said there was a necessity for such a committees as discipline problems in schools had escalated.


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