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Taylor Swift’s Kitten Is Spoiled

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TAYLOR Swift can’t resist spoiling her kitten. The ‘Shake It Off’ hitmaker, who has been spotted carrying her white furry pet, Olivia Benson, out of her apartment in New York City recently, claims she has no choice but to treat her like an accessory on the streets of Tribeca, as she refuses to stay in her carrier.

Asked why she carries the small cat in her arms through the city, the 24-year-old star told ‘Access Hollywood’: “The kitten freaks out about being put in the cat carrier. So I was just like, ‘OK, all right, we’re gonna just do this!’ It was like a 10 foot walk from my door to the car!”

She added: “What I thought was funny about those pictures is that, like, the cat is looking straight at the cameras!”

The blonde beauty, who also has a three-year-old cat named Meredith Gray, recently admitted she worries about being branded a “crazy cat lady” by potential boyfriends.

She said: “I asked around: I was like, ‘Does two cats count as cats?’ But then I thought, what imaginary guy’s perspective am I thinking about this from? Someone is going to think I’m undateable for a lot of reasons before they think I’m undateable because I have two cats.” – Bang Media


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