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Taman Bukit Sireh Residents Seek Shelter On Sidewalk

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KUALA KRAI – Residents of Taman Bukit Sireh have opted to temporarily take shelter on the sidewalk of shops nearby their home after the road to the flood relief centre at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Bedal, here, was submerged in water.

A survey by Bernama found several families, who brought along mats and baskets filled with clothes and blankets, on the sidewalk which was situated higher than their housing area.

Farid Abdullah, 54, said he and his wife and their five children chose to stay on the sidewalk as it was closer to their home compared to the relief centre.

“This is the second time my house is flooded and it started at 4.30am today. This time I decided to take shelter at the shops as its location is high and we can monitor the condition of our houses from here,” he said.

He said the family managed to salvage two baskets of clothes, some documents and money.

Meanwhile, the road leading to Kuala Krai using the Kota Baharu-Gua Musang main road was cut off after water from Sungai Nal spilled over to areas such as Kampung Nal and Kampung Keroh.

The fire and rescue department, including those from other states, also came to rescue villagers.

A resident of Kampung Nal, Abdul Yassin Sulaiman said, the village had not experienced such a flood in almost 10 years. – BERNAMA


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