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Taking Part In “Candlelight Vigil” Is Not Permissible In Islam

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According to the Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan, taking part in any kind of candlelight vigil activity is forbidden in Islam which means that Muslims cannot participate in any candlelight vigil activities.

It falls under resemblance of the unbelievers for the reason that it has paganistic roots and is a religious ritual of the Christians And Jews.. Meaning this is a religious matter (lighting candles for the dead). It is not a secular or non-religious issue.

According to the commentary of many scholars, past and present, the hadith is warning Muslims from imitating the non-Muslims in practices which indicate their religious beliefs like wearing something with a cross on it or celebrating Christmas. Similarly we must not follow culture in matters which are prohibited in our religion like men wearing gold or women plucking their eyebrows.

In fact, it has been authentically mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that: “Whomever imitates them is one of them”, as narrated to Abu Dawud r.a.

Another danger from these candle night vigils is that often times Muslims light candles in a vigil for a non-Muslim, whereas it is forbidden to stand and invoke mercy at the grave of an unbeliever. MYNEWSHUB


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