‘Tak Tun Tuang’ An Unexpected Hit

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KUALA LUMPUR – West Sumatra singer Upiak Isli never thought the song she composed in 2014, “Tak Tun Tuang”, would suddenly shoot to fame after one of her fans uploaded it on the social media recently.

The song that 32-year-old Upiak, whose real name is Silvia Nanda, created in comic form has been viewed on YouTube by more than a million people since the video went viral two weeks ago.

Speaking to Bernama after appearing as a guest on the ‘Nine 11’ show on Bernama News Channel (BNC) at Wisma Bernama here today, Upiak said she did not expect the song to get the unusual response it did as she never imagined so many people would like it.

“Since I became active as a singer at the age of 13, I have produced 19 albums but I never expected only this song in my 14th album to become so popular,” she said.

The eldest of three children from Padang in West Sumatra, Indonesia, Upiak said the song was composed together with her friend Ardi Tanjung, who played the guitar.

The song which tells the comic story of a person who does not bathe also became a hit in her own country. – BERNAMA