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Tahfiz Fire Survivors’ Families Request Privacy

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KUALA LUMPUR- The families of the Darul Quran Ittifaqyah tahfiz school fire survivors have asked the media and members of the public not to invade their privacy.

Kuala Lumpur Hospital director Datuk Dr Zaininah Mohd Zain said the victims’ family members conveyed the request through the hospital’s management.

“The families, whose children are currently being treated at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU), have requested for the public and media’s cooperation until their children have fully recovered.

“The victims and their families are still traumatised and disturbed by what happened. They need the space and time to recover and return to normal.

“We have received complaints from the families about the situation (media reaching out to them at the hospital and attempting to take photographs).

“We hope the public and media will understand what the families are going through and cooperate with us,” she told reporters here, yesterday.

Earlier yesterday evening, one of the four victims being treated at the hospital, Adib Bakri Bakhir, 15, was discharged.

A woman exited the Burn Care Unit Ward (ward 3), guarded by auxiliary policemen at around 3pm. When approached by reporters outside the ward, she admitted to being Adib’s next-of-kin, but declined to comment further.

She told reporters that she was going to get medicine from the hospital’s pharmacy.

About 20 minutes later, an officer accompanied her back into the ward.

He sternly said: “Tak nak diganggu, tak nak diganggu” (She does not want to be disturbed), while shooing away reporters who attempted to interview the woman.

Two uniformed auxiliary policemen were also stationed at the Burn Care Unit Ward.

One of them took several photographs of the reporters waiting by the corridor outside the ward.

At 4.30pm, a covered shopping cart located in front of the ward’s entrance was pushed out of the building by a hospital cleaner, accompanied by two auxiliary policemen.

The woman was seen exiting the ward along with a shopping cart and accompanied by auxiliary police to a Proton Exora vehicle at about 5.30pm.

The Darul Quran Ittifaqyah tahfiz school fire tragedy that occurred in the wee hours on Thursday morning claimed 23 lives and injured seven others, including a Good Samaritan who rushed to their aid.

It was reported that three other tahfiz school students who received treatment at the hospital were discharged on Saturday night after their conditions had stabilised.

Dr Zaininah confirmed that two other victims, Indrakurniawan Mohd Amirul, 11 and Muhd Shahir Sharifuddin, 11, who were injured in the incident, are still being treated at the ICU.

She said the two are on a ventilator.

“As of 4.50pm today, Indrakurniawan is undergoing an operation. Shahir has yet to be operated on.

“Zunnun Misri, 15, and Adib, who suffered between three to 19 per cent burns, are in stable condition and are recovering. Adib is now able to walk by himself without any support.

“Our medical team involved in treating the victims are trying their very best to treat them.”

She added that visitors, including family members, the media and VIPs, are not allowed to visit the victims at the ICU to avoid infections and to respect their privacy. -NST

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