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JOHOR BAHRU – Deputy Prime MInister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has called on UMNO members to close ranks to defend ‘Rumah UMNO’ (party’s home) from being invaded by those who only wish to destroy it, including its own former leaders.

Ahmad Zahid, who is also UMNO vice president assuming the duties of party deputy president, said it was the responsibility of every UMNO member to protect and defend the party’s home from any kind of threats.

“This house of ours may have glass windows but we shall not let anyone, not even a former leader, to throw a rock and break our glass windows,” he said when opening the Pulai UMNO Division Delegates Conference at Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat Complex here tonight.

While admitting that the task to protect the party’s 71-year-old home might be difficult, the pillars of the house were still strong and must be protected or even modernised in line with the change of time.

“The house must be preserved and not abolished or rebuilt as a new premises. The pillars are still strong, only the floors had begun to leak, but we can fix it or replace it with new floors,” he said to the cheers of the delegates.

Also present was Pulai UMNO chief who is also Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed and Johor UMNO secretary Datuk Md Jais Sarday.



KUALA LUMPUR – United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi here Wednesday for talks as he wrapped up his two-day inaugural visit to Malaysia.

The meeting was held at the Parliament building.

Tillerson kicked off his visit to Malaysia yesterday with a meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in the evening, also at the Parliament building, soon after he flew in to the Subang air base on the outskirts of the federal capital.

Tillerson, who was appointed Secretary of State on Feb 1, is the first senior official of the Trump administration to visit Malaysia.

“The visit will provide the opportunity for both Malaysia and the United States to discuss and exchange views on a wide range of bilateral, regional and international issues of mutual interest,” Wisma Putra said in a statement on Monday.

Malaysia and the United States enjoy excellent relations with substantial collaboration and cooperation in many areas.

For the period of January to May 2017, total bilateral trade grew 23.3 per cent to RM68.2 billion (US$15.4 billion) compared to RM55.3 billion (US$13.5 billion) during the corresponding period in 2016.



ALOR SETAR – Barisan Nasional component parties have been told to work hard to gain the support of the people so as to prove their eligibility to continue heading their constituencies especially in seats they lost in the last general election.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said through the concept of power sharing practised by UMNO all this while, the party had made many sacrifices to give opportunities to candidates from component parties to contest in areas even though the majority were Malay voters.

“For example, the Alor Setar parliamentary seat and Kota Darulaman state seat, we let MCA contest them ..even though we know more than 80 per cent of the voters in these two constituencies are Malays but in respecting our component parties, we give such seats to MCA and other component parties.

“…this is because as a convention, in areas contested by UMNO, we need votes from Chinese and Indian voters,” he said.

He said this when opening Alor Setar UMNO division’s delegates conference at Dewan Insaniah near here today. Also present was Kedah Menteri Besar cum Alor Setar UMNO division chief Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah.

Ahmad Zahid said UMNO had never left its partners in BN component parties in a quandary in putting up election machinery and garnering support but they should help themselves to ensure victory for BN.

We know there are parties we assisted in BN, we know they have their internal problems, when UMNO was weak, our friends in BN were the roots that gave life to the BN tree.

Currently, UMNO is in a strong position and UMNO should help them to grow stronger, he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister also urged UMNO members and leaders to instill loyalty to the leader and advised Ahmad Bashah not to bite the hand that fed him.

So long as I am entrusted to assist the Prime Minister, I will give my full support to him…an individual said I plotted to topple the Prime Minister…but he miscalculated because when he was the head, whoever was number two would have problems, he said.

In the context of Kedah, Ahmad Zahid also gave the assurance that he would try his best to give what the state needed and if it did not work, he would try to whisper to the Prime Minister.

I will ensure the Prime Minister would allocate more for Kedah…Kedah is really lucky as the Menteri Besar has such good relations with the Prime Minister, he said.

He also commended Ahmad Bashah as a resilient person in facing various scenarios in the world of politics to enable the top leadership to chose him to replace Datuk Seri Dr Mukhriz Mahathir.

Ahmad Zahid also expressed his appreciation to Ahmad Bashah for the stand of Kedah UMNO in favouring the status quo in the party top posts in the coming election.



SUNGAI PETANI – Kedah UMNO leaders need to do four things to strengthen the party and ensure that Barisan Nasional (BN) win the 14th general election (GE14).

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the first thing was for the leaders to come down to the grassroots regularly.

“We are not seasonal leaders. Listen to the voice of the grassroots. Secondly, the leaders have to be in agreement. Nobody wants to see the leaders fighting,”he said when opening the Merbok UMNO division delegates meeting, here last night.

Also present were Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Bahsah Md Hanipah and Merbok UMNO division chief Datuk Tajul Urus Mat Zain.

Ahmad Zahid, who is also UMNO vice-president, said the third thing was to pick likeable and winnable candidates while the fourth was to step out of the comfort zone.

He reminded the UMNO leaders to learn a lesson from losing Kedah in the 12th general election, all because they were buoyed by the big win in the 11th general election.



KUALA LANGAT – UMNO vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today said that the 14th general election (GE14) will be the perfect time and the best platform for UMNO and Barisan Nasional (BN) to win back Selangor after losing control of the state to the opposition for the past two terms.

Ahmad Zahid, who assumes the duties of UMNO deputy president, said Selangor UMNO and BN were ‘killed’ before because their leaders were too busy fighting each other, rather than the opposition.

“I have to admit that domestic crisis has caused us to lose twice (in Selangor) because we focused on our dissatisfaction with each other more than we focused on our desire to stay together.

“The time is now. It’s the best time to win back Selangor,” he said when opening Kuala Langat UMNO delegates’ conference here yesterday.

Ahmad Zahid, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, said all developments that were being enjoyed by the people in Selangor today were the results of the previous administration of the state led by BN.

“Over 73 per cent of the FDI (foreign direct investment) were brought by the previous BN-led administration…we brought developments to Selangor,” he said.

While reminding all UMNO members to stop their domestic disputes, Ahmad Zahid said efforts to wrestle back all the parliamentary and state seats from the opposition could only be translated when UMNO leaderships at all levels stay united.

“From now on, let’s forget all those bad memories. Let’s put back these red dots (UMNO) where they belong,” he added.



MELAKA – The Chinese community should not continue to fall prey to DAP’s promises as they were never fulfilled, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said in the 12th and 13th general election, DAP pledged to improve the people’s lot, but nothing had come out of it.

“They (DAP) have done it twice. They can promise, but when they were given power in Penang, they could not do better than the previous Barisan Nasional (BN) state government,” he said when opening the Kota Melaka UMNIO delegates conference here today.

Also present were Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron and Kota Melaka UMNO division leader Datuk Latiff Tamby Chik.

Ahmad Zahid said BN component parties , especially MCA and Gerakan should work hard to regain the people”s confidence ahead of the 14th general election to prove that BN was capable of looking after their interests.

He said BN should work hard from now for the 14 general election to avoid the coalition being ?made history? by the people.

“I believe with hard work, we are capable of winning back the seats won by the opposition in 2013.

“In the last general election, the opposition gave us a tough fight, but it should not weaken our spirit to fight back and pursue the party struggle,” he added.

He also advised UMNO members to not give up, but continue to fight to win the support of voters.



MELAKA – UMNO and Barisan Nasional (BN) will prioritise candidates who are wanted and favored by the people for the 14th General Election (GE14), Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said.

Hence, the UMNO Vice-President performing the duties of the Deputy President, said all parties should not lobby to become a GE14 candidate because Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak himself knows which candidate is preferred and becomes the people’s choice.

“What is important (in choosing a GE14 candidate) is the choice of the people, the taste of the people. We will prioritise whom the people want. The Prime Minister will give the people whom they want.

“No need to lobby (to become a candidate) via an agency or whatever. This time, the Prime Minister will not take any risk if the candidate is not wanted by the people, we do not want to cast aside the candidates the people want,”he said when opening the Tangga Batu UMNO Division delegates meeting here tonight.

Also present at the event at the Melaka International Trade Centre in Ayer Keroh, was Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron, who is also the Tangga Batu UMNO Division chief and more than 1,000 delegates from the division.

Ahmad Zahid said when the leadership had determined the candidates who would contest in the 14th general election, all party members must accept and express support to them to ensure the victory of the party in the general election.

Meanwhile, he said all UMNO and BN machinery had to focus work on areas identified as ‘retain’ and ‘regain’ ahead of the 14th general election.

“We have the ‘retain and regain’ principle where we retain the area we have, while regaining the area that the opposition won.

“For the seats that are expected to be won, I feel (elected representatives) should go down and give the best service to the people,”he said.

He said the party’s leadership had detailed information on which elected representatives had gone down to serve the people and those who had failed to do so.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Zahid said the co-operation of the opposition parties in Pakatan Harapan was not as united and as solid as the co-operation between the BN component parties.

“I see on the other side (opposition parties), there is no integration between them but our 13 (component) political parties are still in BN. They do not last because they have different directions and ideologies,”he said.

He said BN must be smart in using the media, especially social media, in communicating with the target groups and not using it to fight among themselves.

“If in the last general election we sank because we were were not proficient (in social media) but not now,”he said.



KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia is positive of attaining the Tier One by complying fully with the minimum standards to curb human trafficking crimes, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

According to the United States annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report released by the United States State Department on June 27, Malaysia has upgraded to Tier Two as a country that did not fully meet the minimum standards of the United States Human Trafficking Victims Protection Act 2000 but made vital efforts to bring itself to compliance with the standards.

He said the Tier One target for 2020 could be achieved if Malaysia received the cooperation of source countries that posed problems to Malaysia.

“This is because the one that bears the burden of this issue is our country,” Ahmad Zahid, who is Home Minister, said at the Dewan Rakyat sitting here today.

He was replying to a question from Datuk Raime Unggi (Tenom-BN) relating to factors that contributed to the improvement in Malaysia’s position on the United States State Department report on the US TIP Report as well as Malaysia’s action in maintaining the momentum of this achievement.

The US TIP Report 2017 involves assessing 187 countries on efforts to fight against human trafficking crimes.



KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today reminded all parties not to politicise cooperatives as they were operating to generate income for their members and share holders.

The deputy prime minister said, at present, there were many people, including politicians, who were interested to head cooperatives which they see as having a bright future.

“Any cooperative, including those of banks, which are run by professionals, should not be politicised.

“Even if there are politicians who run cooperatives but do not bring politics into it, I am confident the cooperatives will be smooth and will generate bigger profits for its members,he said in his speech at the Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Bhd’s (Angkasa) Aidilfitri do here tonight.

He said the interests of the members and share holders of a cooperative must be given priority, over and above the political ambitions and personality of any one person.

Ahmad Zahid added that he hoped another cooperative bank could be set up to provide banking services to the cooperative members and public.

He added that other than Bank Rakyat which had been successful as a bank, there was another cooperative which huge assets and could be made into a bank.

“I am hoping for the cooperative to be given a licence soon as another cooperative bank in the country,? he said.

Ahmad Zahid also said Angkasa was an example of a cooperative which had grown into the best cooperative in the Asian region.

With dividends amounting to RM14 billion, assets worth RM131 billion and procurement of almost RM40 billion, Angkasa was an outstanding cooperative, he said.

“With a total of more than 13,000 cooperatives under Angkasa and more than seven million members, Angkasa is the best example of a cooperative in ASEAN,”he said.

At the event tonight, Ahmad Zahid launched the model of the Angkasa Integrated Building, a proposed Angkasa Complex on a 1.45-hectare land in Kelana Jaya.

The project includes a 30-foot tower and two 40-storey tower blocks that will be Angkasa’s headquarters, a commercial centre and a five-star hotel.

The estimated cost of the project was RM 220 million and it is expected to be completed in 2020.



KOTA BHARU – The extra-ordinary presence of the Kelantan people at programmes organised by UMNO lately should be translated into votes for Barisan Nasional (BN) at the 14th general election, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said yesterday.

He said the people’s mandate was crucial for BN to form a government and rule the state as the coalition was determined to develop Kelantan.

“The Kelantan people not only want development, but also the contents. True that there should be a balance between worldly needs and the hereafter, physically and spiritually, but efforts to develop the people are also important,” he said when speaking at the Leader With The People programme at the Kelantan Poverty Foundation Complex in Melor, here today.

The event drew a crowd of about 20,000 people and among those present were UMNO Information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa, who is also Ketereh Member of Parliament, Kelantan UMNO Liaison chairman Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed and his deputy, Datuk Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub.

Ahmad Zahid said the BN federal government always gave priority to the well-being of the Kelantan people, although the state was under opposition rule.

“The federal government allocates RM12.7 billion under the 11th Malaysia Plan for Kelantan’s development,” he said.

He said the federal government also gave priority to development of the various sectors in Kelantan, such as education, religion, security and social-economy.