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The wives of independent preacher Azhar Idrus have come out to stand by him after he was said to resemble a man having sex with a young woman in a short video clip.

His first wife Rogayah Sulong said she would remain strong and believe that there was always a reason behind such incidents.

“Allah is the true planner … and we only submit to You whenever we ask for help,” she said in a Facebook posting on Saturday night.

“I also wish to thank those who have prayed for my family to overcome this problem,” said Rogayah.

The clip has shocked ardent supporters of the ustaz who attracts massive crowds to his ceramah sessions.

The preacher’s aide Zulkifli Wahad had since strongly denied that it was Azhar in the video.

His second wife, Nisya Wan, said she had received queries via social media on the family’s well-being as well as offers of prayer.

Azhar has three wives, all of whom wear veils over their faces. His third wife, known only as Izyan, 27, has yet to comment.

Support poured in for the ustaz with netizens saying they would pray for the family.MYNEWSHUB

AFTER the shocking release of a sex video purported to be of acclaimed religious preacher Ustaz Azhar Idrus (UAI) made headlines across the nation, debates on its authenticity still plagues both ardent disciples and naysayers alike.

On closer inspection, the skin tones from the neck upwards do not match and appeared suspiciously lighter.

On the other hand, cynics maintained the 50-second clip’s legitimacy, arguing that it was impossible to tinker with footage or  ‘moving images’.

However, the latter’s inference could be proved reprehensible. Cue in: the latest technological marvel that can alter a person’s face into a living,breathing CGI.

The uses of projection mapping are limitless. In this video, two women were filmed in their natural states, talking and smiling. Upon this surface, the computer-generated projection playfully highlight, de-construct, contextualize and manipulate the model’s face.

In a freaky, Digimon-like interspecies hybrid, the face of the model in the left panel was merged flawlessly to the woman on the right’s, making it appear as if they were the same person.

Due to precisely targeted graphics and real-time face tracking, the model looks like she is experiencing an actual transformation.

While this article could potentially  prove UAI’s innocence, there is no doubt in everyone’s mind that the scandal has indeed succeeded in tainting the good image of a well-respected spiritual evangelist.

So far, no word yet from UAI’s camp, while interview requests made by the media were not entertained.MYNEWSHUB


Ustaz Azhar Idrus (UAI) has declined to comment on the leaked sex video of a man allegedly to be of the well-known preacher, that went viral on social media,Thursday.

UAI also refused to meet the press, who was waiting for an exclusive scoop straight out of the horse’s mouth, at Masjid Taqwa,here, since 8.00 p.m. last night.

The celebrity preacher, well-loved for his relaxed and humorous style of sermon, escaped the media frenzy by taking the mosque’s alternate exit, before seeking refuge to a resident’s home in Batu 6,here, after performing the Isyak prayers.

Suspiciously, the media was not allowed access as the house was tightly guarded by UAI’s avid followers including members of PAS’ Unit Amal.

If that wasn’t a jab in the hip already, the volunteers also ordered the media to leave the premises after acknowledging UAI would not comment on the issue. – MYNEWSHUB


While sex scandals and politicians are like two peas in a pod, the tables have now made a complete 180 when even religious figures prove to be no exception.

A alleged sex video featuring a male figure presumed to be of popular preacher Ustaz Azhar Idrus (UAI) in bed with a woman in a suggestive position had been circulating the web recently.

The spiritual evangelist is a highly-respected influential figure and have many fans across the country following his relaxed and humorous method of spreading the words of righteousness.

“The Male Figure In The Video Is Not UAI”, Says Preacher’s Assistant

While many skeptics branded the video as ‘bogus’ and a cheap shot to tarnish his good image, observations from sources close to the cleric confirmed the authenticity of the video, claiming that the woman’s facial features are identical to UAI’s fourth wife, though she was mostly shy away from public eye by donning the purdah.

The leaked video,if proven genuine, would be a major breach of privacy and confidentiality. Even if the parties involved were concious of their decision and recorded the intimate video voluntarily, the pair has indeed dug their own grave and need to come up with a legitimately good excuse for it.

Fans and avid followers of the preacher will have to wait with bated breath as no official comments or statements were released by UAI’s camp as of yet.MYNEWSHUB