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KUANTAN – The approximately four million silat exponents across the country are urged to develop the self-defence art in this modern era as it is one of the benchmarks for the success or destruction of the Malays.

The National Silat Federation (PESAKA) secretary-general, Senator Datuk Megat Zulkarnain Tan Sri Omardin said, although some people assumed the national heritage was no longer suitable due to the development of sophisticated weapons, the current situation showed that people had to master the martial art for self defence and to face emergency situations.

“For example the incident of an uber driver beaten up by a group of men in Penang can be avoided if he had the silat skill,” he said at the PESAKA certificate presentation ceremony, here today.

He described silat exponents in this country as being lucky as the government recognised their contributions and provided various training facilities for them.

“In 2015, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has declared silat as the country’s official art of self-defence, and national silat athlete Mohd Al Jufferi Jamari was honoured as the Sportsman of the Year at the 2015 National Sports Award ceremony.

“The recognition can be an eye-opener for society and to nurture the activity at an earlier stage, silat programme in school should be introduced,” he said.


KUALA LUMPUR – Nasional silat exponent, Mohd Zarish Hakim Shukor had his revenge on Indonesian champion, Hanifan Yudani Kusumah to win the gold medal at the final in Putra Class C (55-60 kg) of the 2017 South East Asia Silat Championship here, today.

Zarish’s triumph at the Grandmaster Omardin Lincah Complex, Gombak saw him redeeming his disappointment when he lost to Hanifan at the controversial quarter-finals at the World Silat Championship in Bali, Indonesia, in December.

The win was all the sweeter when Zarish garnered a technical knockout (TKO) when Hanifan, who is also the 2016 World Champion, withdrew in the third round upon realising he could not catch up with Zarish’s overall collected points.

“This win is a great satisfaction to me. Indeed, I looked forward to encountering him again after the incident in Bali, but my struggle is not just to beat him.

“I have to train harder and iron out my weaknesses to boost my performance especially for the SEA Games,” he told reporters after the bout here today.

Meanwhile, world silat champion, Mohd Al-Jufferi Jamari was clearly in a class of his own when he won the gold medal in the Putra Class E (65-70 kg).

Al-Jufferi won via TKO over Thai athlete, Poomisak Ngankoh after the latter fell after being kicked and was unable to continue the match.

“I am very happy with this victory because it is very important for me to boost my spirit and maintain my momentum for the SEA Games.

Al-Jufferi and Zarish would travel to Uzbekiztan in April and Belgium in May to take part in invitation tournaments in a final preparation for the SEA Games. – BERNAMA

IPOH – The ‘One School One Silat’ programme is scheduled to be implemented by the Education Ministry next month as part of the effort to introduce the Malay art of self-defence to students.

Malaysian National Silat Federation chairman (Pesaka) Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rustam said the move would also ensure the art continued to grow in the country.

He said it was also in line with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s announcement last September in recognising “silat” as the country’s official art of self-defence.

“Today, the silat is getting response from the non-Malays, like we (Malays) are interested in taekwondo and karate,” he said at a silat programme here last night.

Ali said with the recognition given by the government to silat, more universities in the country should make the art of self-defence as part of their co-curriculum activities.

So far, only Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has made the “Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia” as a co-curriculum subject with six credit hours.

In another development, Mohd Ali said a gathering of silat associations nationwide would be held in Kuala Lumpur on May 14.

He expected about 200,000 silat enthusiasts to be present at the event. – BERNAMA

PUTRAJAYA – The beauty of silat must be demonstrated in attractive and modern ways without changing the essential elements to attract more youth to participate in the activity, said Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

He said the martial art, which was part of the country’s identity, especially the Malays, should be preserved and cherished by youngsters.

“We have expertise in technology, creativity and earnestness without changing the identity and basic principles of our culture,” he said when launching the new reality television programme, ‘Akademi Silat Pendekar Muda’ (ASPM) 2016 here today. – BERNAMA

What could have been a spectacular traditional silat display at a wedding turned bloody when one of the exponents stabbed his ‘opponent’ with a keris, killing him.

Mohd Amil Zulkarnain, 17, was performing a silat routine for a wedding ceremony at Kampung Patau-Patau in Labuan on Saturday when the incident occurred.

While performing a mock duel with his cousin, Amil was accidentally stabbed in the left chest by the curved blade. He was rushed to the hospital but died on the treatment table.

The keris, a traditional Malay weapon, is usually regarded as extremely lethal due to its ‘wavy’ blade structure, which does not permit wounds to close easily.

Labuan acting police chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Ghani said they received a report from the hospital on the incident at 1.23pm on Saturday.

“Initial investigation revealed that the suspect, who is the victim’s cousin, was performing the silat with Mohd Amil about 11.20am.

“During the course of the performance, the suspect is believed to have stabbed the victim,” he said. He said suspect has been detained for further investigation.

The case is being investigated under Section 304(a) of the Penal Code of causing death by negligence.


KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia emerged as the overall champions at the 2015 Malaysian Open International Silat Championship.

In the championship at the Titiwangsa Stadium held from Sept 9 to today, the national squad collected 10 gold medals via the men’s and women’s sparring events (eight), women’s form event (one) and team event (one).

The national squad also won a silver medal and a bronze medal in the men’s sparring category.

The runners-up were the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) with three gold medals, one silver and four bronze medals followed by Thailand with one gold medal, three silver medals and two bronze.

The national silat squad won its 10th gold medal in the team event after trouncing Thailand 4-1 in the final, which was also witnessed by Malaysian National Silat Federation (Pesaka) president Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rustam.

The national squad almost obtained a walk over when Thailand withdrew over unhappiness at the referee’s decision on a take down by national silat athlete Mohd Al-Jufferi on Adilan Cek Meng.

However, after discussing with several competition officials and the support of the spectators who wanted the Thai athlete to continue, the Thai silat athlete returned to the ring. The referee was also changed.

The winner of the SEA Games gold medal, Mohd Al-Jufferi proved he was peerless when he cowed Adilan 5-0, before Siti Zubaidah Che Omar collected the national team’s second point by beating Ploytika Amloy 5-0.

Mohd Fauzi Khalid continued the national squad’s excellence when he collected the third point by beating Kuibrohem Kubaha before Noor Farahana Ismail lost to Firdad Duromae to give the sole point to Thailand.

Muhamad Faizul M.Nasir confirmed Malaysia’s victory after beating Tien Terapong.

Meanwhile, two national silat athletes, Mohd Al-Jufferi and Siti Humairah Kasidin were crowned best men’s and women’s silat athletes. – BERNAMA