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PETALING JAYA – The government will undertake a thorough post-mortem to identify the real cause for the extraordinary floods particularly in the east coast after the floods have receded, said Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the study would cover numerous factors such as the weather change, forest exploitation and intrusion, the cutting of hill slopes besides the lack of infrastructure to divert the water flow to the sea.

“Later after the floods have subsided, we will carry out a thorough post-mortem (to identify) on the reasons that led to the floods,” he said when met by reporters after listening to a briefing on the delivery of flood aid to the east coast at the Subang Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Base, in Petaling Jaya, Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin said the operations to ferry flood aid contributions to the victims were going on smoothly despite the limitations in terms of assets and so on.

He said that besides manpower from the public and private sectors as well as the military personnel, resources from the airline companies such as AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines Cargo Sdn Bhd (MASkargo) were also being pooled to ensure that all the supplies reached the flood victims according to their needs.

“I am also deeply touched by the public support because according to the reports received, many of the goods that were delivered to the victims came from various groups throughout the country,” he said.

Muhyiddin said he had been informed that so far 200 metric tons of aid, including food and drinks, had been sent to the flood victims from the TUDM Base, Subang which had been activated as the Food Supply Gathering Centre for the flood victims that operates 24 hours daily.

He said that for the time being, priority was given to the delivery of food and medical aid needed by the hospitals in the flood affected areas, adding that the clothes contributed by the various groups would only be delivered after the floods had receded.

Earlier, Muhyiddin spent time visiting the Food Supply Gathering Centre for the food victims at the TUDM Base and received aid contribution in the form of a cheque replica amounting to RM1 million from the chief executive officer and managing director of IJM Corporation Berhad, Datuk Teh Kean Ming. – BERNAMA


KUALA LUMPUR – Extremely high water levels along with strong currents and bad weather are hampering efforts to reach flood victims and send them aid, but authorities will keep trying, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Najib in a statement on Thursday said he had been informed of the latest developments and has been in touch with his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is the chairman of the National Disaster Management Committee.

“I have been in touch and have discussed with Muhyiddin to increase efforts to help flood victims especially those in badly hit and high-risk areas.

“I have also asked him to step up operations to send food aid due to the difficulties in reaching certain flood-hit areas,” said Najib.

The Prime Minister explained that among the main reasons why rescuers were facing problems relocating some of the victims and to send them food was because the water level was too high.

“There are strong water currents in some area which are dangerous for vehicles and rescue boats while some evacuation centres have also been inundated by floodwaters.”

Najib said efforts to send aid by helicopter was being hampered at times by bad weather.

In some areas the helicopters had no place to land, as there were no suitable locations close to the evacuation centres.

Najib expressed his faith and confidence in the rescue teams made up of personnel from various government agencies as well as volunteers who were working hard to help as best they could.

They were trying to find ways to get to the hard-to-reach evacuation centres to distribute aid, said the Najib.
“The Government will ensure that all efforts will be done to help all victims affected by the floods which is a major challenge,” he said. – The Star