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MELAKA – The number of flood victims in Melaka dropped to 126 people at 9 am today from 130 people last night.

State Disaster Management Committee Secretariat head Lt Col (PA) Effendy Ali said the remaining evacuees, from 33 families, were at two relief centres in Jasin and one centre in Alor Gajah.

The relief centres in Jasin are at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tehel (107 people from 27 families) and Seri Mendapat Community Hall (10 people from three families), while the centre in Alor Gajah is at di Jasin serta Balai Raya Kampung Seri Jeram Community Hall (nine people from three families, he said in a statement today. – BERNAMA


MELAKA – The situation in the flood-hit areas of Melaka has improved slightly overnight, allowing several evacuees to return to their homes.

As at 8 am today, 183 people remained at five relief centres in the Jasin and Alor Gajah district, down from 198 last night.

Melaka Disaster Management Committee Secretariat head Lt Col (PA) Effendy Ali said 121 people were at the two relief centres in Jasin, namely Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tehel (107) and the Seri Mendapat community hall (14).

In Alor Gajah, 62 people were at three relief centres, 13 of them at the Kampung Seri Jeram community hall, 18 at the Kampung Pulau JAIM kindergarten and 31 at SK Belimbing Dalam.

Effendy, who is the Melaka Civil Defence Force director, said the weather in the state was fine today. – BERNAMA

MIRI – Four primary schools remained close here  today,  including two which were closed since Monday, due to the floods.

Sarawak Disaster Management Committee Secretariat said the two schools were Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Kuala Kebulu and SK Bukit Balai, while the other two schools were SK  Long Lenei and SK Nanga Kain, which were closed since yesterday.

The four schools have a total enrolment of 515 students, it said in a statement here today.

However, no evacuation centres have been opened yet. – BERNAMA

MELAKA – The number of flood victims at the six evacuation centres in Jasin and Alor gajah increased to  264 people as at 8 am today, from 246 people last night.

State Disaster Management Committee Secretariat head Lt Col (PA) Effendy Ali said the Jasin recorded the highest flood victims, totalling 177 people from 43 families, while in Alor Gajah, there were 87 flood victims from 20 families.

In Jasin, 102 of the flood victims (from 25 families) are being given shelter at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tehel, while others are at Seri Mendapat Community Hall (40 people from nine families) and the  Air Tawar Community Hall (35 people from nine families).

The flood victims in Alor Gajah comprised 19 people from five families at the Kampung Seri Jeram Community Hall , Tadika JAIM Kampung Pulau (20 people from five families) and SK Belimbing Dalam (48 people from 10 families), he said in a statement today. – BERNAMA

MELAKA – The flood situation in Melaka is improving, with three evacuation centres closed and the number of victims having dropped to 251 as of 1 pm compared to 646 in 10 centres this morning.

According to Melaka Disaster Management Committee Secretariat head Lt Col (PA) Effendy Ali, the centres at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Dang Anum and Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tedong in Jasin district were closed at noon today while the centre at the Kampung Panchor community hall in Alor Gajah district was closed at 10 am.

Effendy, who is the director of the Melaka Civil Defence Force, said all 251 victims from 59 families were at three evacuation centres in Jasin and four centres in Alor Gajah.

“In the Jasin district, there are now 102 victims from 25 families in SK Tehel while at the Seri Mendapat community hall, there are 45 victims from 10 families.

“At the Air Tawar community hall, there are 12 victims from three families,” he said in a statement here today.

He added that in Alor Gajah district, there are 15 victims from four families at the Kampung Seri Jeram community hall while at the Bukit Balai hall, there are nine victims from two families.

Effendy also said that 20 victims from five families were currently housed at Tadika JAIM Kampung Pulau while 48 victims from 10 families are at SK Belimbing.

Meanwhile, in JASIN, Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Haron urged the authorities not to take too long to resolve the flood problem in the state.

Their delay in taking action had resulted in the people having to face difficulties each time it floods, he said to reporters after visiting the relief centre at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tehel. – BERNAMA



MELAKA – Incessant heavy rain has caused the floods in Melaka to worsen, sending more people to evacuation centres overnight.

As of 8 am today, 646 people from 141 families had been moved out of their flooded houses, up from 522 from 115 families last night.

Two more relief centres were opened, raising the total number to 10, said Melaka Disaster Management Committee Secretariat head Lt Col (PA) Effendy Ali in a statement today.

He said the affected villages were Kampung Tehel, Kampung Tersusun Seri Mendapat, Kampung Air Tawar, Kampung Kilang Berapi and Kampung Tedong in the Jasin district and Kampung Seri Jeram, Kampung Bukit Balai, Kampung Pulau, Kampung Panchor and Kampung Belimbing Dalam in the Alor Gajah district.

He said one of the two new relief centres was opened in Jasin and the other in Alor Gajah, at the Air Tawar community hall and Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Belimbing Dalam, respectively, bringing the number of relief centres to five in each of the districts.

He said that in Jasin, 102 evacuees were at SK Tehel, 45 at the Seri Mendapat community hall, 243 at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Dang Anum, 94 at SK Tedong and 11 at the Air Tawar community hall.

In Alor Gajah, nine evacuees were at the Kampung Seri Jeram community hall, nine at the Bukit Balai community hall, 20 at the Kampung Pulau JAIM kindergarten, 76 at the Kampung Seri Jeram community hall and 37 at SK Belimbing Dalam, he said.

The 76 people at the Kampung Seri Jeram community hall also included 68 tahfiz students, he added. – BERNAMA


KATHMANDU/DHAKA – Heavy monsoon rains in Nepal, Bangladesh and India have killed more than 160 people in the last week, officials said on Tuesday, as authorities rushed to rescue those missing or stranded in flooded areas.

In Nepal, the death toll rose to 115 amid more flash floods and landslides, with 38 people missing. Relief workers said 26 of Nepal’s 75 districts were either submerged or had been hit by landslides after rain lashed the Himalayan nation.

Television pictures showed people wading chest-deep through water carrying belongings and livestock.

“We will now focus more on rescue of those trapped in floods and relief distribution. People have nothing to eat, no clothes. So we have to provide them something to eat and save their lives,” said Nepali police spokesman Pushkar Karki.

Floods in north Bangladesh have killed at least 27 people in the last few days and affected more than 500,000, many of them fleeing their homes to shelter in camps, officials said.

The situation could get worse as heavy rain in parts of neighbouring India flow downstream into the low-lying and densely populated country, they said.

In the northern Indian state of Bihar, national disaster relief force teams have been airlifted in to help with rescue and relief work, the government said.

Media reported that about two million people in the state had been affected, and at least 10 killed. Flooding has also killed at least 15 people in the last two days in Assam state in the northeast.

India’s meteorological department is forecasting more heavy rain into Wednesday.

Monsoon rains, which start in June and continue through September, are a lifeline for farmers in vast parts of rural India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, but they also cause loss of life and property damage every year. – Reuters


MIRI – Sarawak today closed three schools and is keeping a close watch on six others due to floods.

The State Disaster Management Committee Secretariat said Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Kuala Kebulu, SK Kuala Sigu and SK Bukit Balai in the interior were closed, forcing 444 pupils to stay away.

“Besides the three schools, six other schools were also affected by the floods but they remain open,” it said in a statement.

It named these schools as SK Sungai Genaam, SK Bukit Mawang, SK Kuala Binyo, SK Long Bemang, SK Ng Balingiau and SK Ukong.

“These schools have a total enrollment of 435. The floods there are under control,” it said. – BERNAMA


KOTA KINABALU – Incessant rain since midday yesterday caused floods in the Kota Belud district that forced a suspension bridge to be washed away and 37 villagers to be evacuated.

Sabah Civil Defence Force director Col Mulliadi Al-Hamdi Ladin said in a statement today that the missing bridge had been in Kampung Botung Narinang.

The evacuees were from seven villages that were struck by the floods yesterday following the rain that continued right through the day to last night, he said, adding that they were being accommodated at the Tun Said community hall in Kota Belud.


KUALA LUMPUR – People in the east coast states will get flood warnings one week before the disaster strikes when the Flood Forecast and Alert Programme (PRAB) begins operations in November.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said 350 hydrology stations were currently being set up in river basin areas in Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu to allow for the system to operate.

“The system to be under the Drainage and Irrigation Department, will forecast floods as early as seven days compared to the existing system which is three days,” he told reporters after the department’s Hari Raya celebrations held here today.

Also present was its director  Datuk Seri Zulkefli Hassan.

He said the system which would be controlled by the National Flood Forecast Centre (PRABN) under the department would obtain rainfall data through the hydrology system which would be installed in ‘hot’ spots which are flood-prone.

Wan Junaidi said the data that is collected would be sent to relevant agencies including the National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) and the Malaysian Civil Defence Force to tackle the impending floods.

“The system can provide an earlier forecast when a flood will occur and how big its impact would be based on data obtained from the radar, so the relevant authorities have ample time to make preparations including evacuating the public before the flood hits,” he said.

He said that the system, which had the cooperation of the Malaysian Meteorological Department, would later be extended throughout the country.

The PRAB would be fully installed in three states by next year but would already be operating by November, he added. – BERNAMA