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Nikki Reed Believes In Dieting Cheat Day

in Entertainment/Latest

NIKKI Reed (pix) swears by “cheat” days. The ‘Twilight’ actress has been following a healthy lifestyle for over six years and admitted thinks dieting is all about “the majority” rather than “moderation”. She explained: “I believe in the cheat day. Instead of saying, ‘I’m going to have one pancake for breakfast and then one bite…

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Chess Grandmaster Cheats In Tournament … From The Bathroom

in Latest

SOMETIMES the best ideas come from the bathroom. But Gaioz Nigalidze’s ideas from the loo were a little too good. The Georgian chess grandmaster has been banned from the Dubai Open Chess Tournament after officials discovered he was darting to the toilet to consult his smartphone, which was logged onto a chess analysis app, the…

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