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KOTA BHARU – The newly announced leadership line up of Pakatan Harapan is just an effort by the opposition to repair its image before the 14th General Election (GE14), said UMNO Information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

He said what they were trying to do was to hide the fact that the opposition pact was actually controlled  by DAP.

“With the GE14 is drawing closer they are in a mess. They have come out with a list of leaders to try to hide the real situation – being under the thumb of  DAP,” he said.

Annuar was speaking to reporters after participating in the Ketereh-level 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games Torch Run (KL2017) here today.

Annuar, who is also Ketereh Member of Parliament, added that he believed that it was not a solid pact as the line-up was not elected or based on consensus.

In a press conference late last night, Pakatan Harapan announced its new leadership line-up led by PPBM chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as its  chairman, PKR’s Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim  as the de facto leader and PKR’s Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as president.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin of PPBM, Lim Guan Eng (DAP) and Mohamad Sabu (Amanah) have been named as deputy presidents. – BERNAMA

KOTA BHARU – Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) and the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have been urged to be fair to the Kelantan Football Association (Kafa).

Kafa advisor Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the Kelantan football team was unfairly treated by FMLLP and FAM who blocked the move to sign Frenchman Seydi L ‘Imam to strengthen the frontline.

“Kafa were deceived by certain parties who claimed that the lucrative sale of Mohammed Ghaddar would allow them to buy other players,” he said in his latest entry on his Facebook page today.

FMLLP had dismissed Kafa’s application to sign Seydi L ‘Imam as replacement for Alessandro Padovani Celin during the last transfer window of the Malaysian League (M-League).

FMLLP claimed that Kafa failed to complete the documentation as requested and did not meet the criteria of the registration of players in the M-League. – BERNAMA



KOTA BHARU – Kelantan UMNO aims to strive to garner the support of young Kelantanese living outside the state to wrest Kelantan from PAS in the next general election, said UMNO Information Chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

He said there was a switch to UMNO in the support from this group of people.

“Many want a change in the state. They have an understanding of the development in Kelantan because they are from among the intellectuals.

“Right now, we are getting strong support from undergraduates, and this can lend strength to UMNO,” he said to reporters at the Aidilfitri open house at his residence in Bukit Marak here today.

Annuar, who is the MP for Ketereh, said he was confident that these young voters would be able to bring about a change in the 14th general election. GE14 becomes due in June 2018.

“The young people have given many opportunities to PAS, and now they are not rejecting the good done by UMNO,” he said.

Asked to comment on the ‘flag warfare’, whereby party flags are placed at places where aid is given to the people, Annuar said UMNO was not involved because it preferred to help the people on the quiet without any publicity.

He said that in his constituency of Ketereh, more than 20,000 people had been provided aid without any publicity.

“If we start putting up flags, we will lose sight of our objective to help people,” he said. – BERNAMA

KOTA BHARU – The Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) today paid out RM1.5 million in salary owed to players since May said KAFA adviser Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

Annuar said the payment was for Super League, President’s Cup and Youth team players.

“The payment was outstanding wages of players for the months of May and June plus advance for July,” he told reporters after breaking fast at his residence in Bukit Marak.

Annuar said the payment would ease the burden of the players, especially those celebration Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Annuar said those KAFA’s application to sign a new import player was rejected, the association would appeal to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) to reconsider the signing of Seydi L. Imam.

“We will discuss and submit an appeal because we have already signed an agreement with the player last month and rejecting the signing would have severe implications to us,” he said.

Yesterday, the FMLLP said KAFA’s request to sign a foreign player was rejected since KAFA had failed to meet the criteria set for the M-League registration procedures. – BERNAMA

KOTA BAHRU – Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) adviser Tan Sri Annuar Musa wants the management of football in the country do justice to the issues faced by KAFA at the moment.

Annuar said the management of football in the country should not be acting arbitrarily without discussing with KAFA about the matter and measures to be imposed on the association.

“We (Kelantan) are a poor team, a hand-to-mouth team, a team which is supported by people who do not have rank or power..not MB (Menteri Besar) and not the palace, but do not act as you please, we only want justice in sports,” he he said on his Facebook page today.

Kelantan are currently facing an issue of registration, since the signing of a new foreign player, Seydi L’Imam, was not approved by the Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP), apparently due to issues of salary arrears and deduction of six points in the Super League competition.

Annuar said the body which is responsible for its affiliates should engage KAFA in negotiations related to the issues faced at the moment.

“Kelantan was not invited for discussions or consultation or given an opportunity to explain the problems encountered. It began with various allegations against me which spread to MARA and MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission).

“As if that was not enough, the team had points deducted, then there was intention to obstruct our effort to improve the team. What is wrong if the Red Warrior is strengthened? he asked.

In early May, Kelantan was among four teams who had points deducted following their failure to solve salary arrears of players in the M-League since 2015.

The other three teams subjected to the same action by FMLLP were Perlis, Armed Forces and T-Team. – BERNAMA

TEMERLOH – Pas’ decision to end its alliance with PKR shows the ‘brittle’ disposition of the opposition’s political formula, according to UMNO Information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

He said the formula should therefore be avoided as it was stability that the people needed most, aside from a capable government that could fulfill their promises.

“The formula is not a sustainable formula for the people to depend on; we have seen it fracture time and again; it is very brittle.

“If there is no stability among them, that means they cannot deliver; they are still trying to find a political formula,” he said when met after a programme with the people in Mentakab here, yesterday.

The Ketereh member of parliament said this when asked to comment on PAS’ decision to sever its political cooperation with PKR.

Annuar said PAS’ decision would alter the political landscape of the country because it had become the ‘third force’ after Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan and would have to move on its own after earlier cutting ties with DAP, Parti Amanah Negara and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia as well.

He also frowned on certain opposition leaders who criticised Pas’ decision, saying, they should respect it as every political party had the right to make its own decision.

Meanwhile, he cautioned BN and UMNO against becoming complacent with respect to the latest political development and and said they should, as the 14th general election approaches, go all out to “explain to the people” and prevent them from being swayed by the opposition’s propaganda . – BERNAMA

KUALA LUMPUR – Tan Sri Annuar Musa has been called by Mara (Majlis Amanah Rakyat) to give his statement over allegations of misappropriation of funds and abuse of power, which includes the sponsorship of the Kelantan football team.

Clad in a grey suit, the suspended chairman was all smiles as he arrived at Mara headquarters here at 10.30am, Tuesday.

He said he would only give a statement to the press after the inquiry.

It was recently reported that acting chairman Datuk Dr Yusof Yacob said Annuar would be called by its internal audit committee to give his explanation over the allegations.

He had also said that investigations by the committee were in its final stages.

In late January, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said it had begun investigating the allegations against Annuar, just after he was asked to go on leave as Mara and Pelaburan Mara Bhd chairman pending investigations.

The move was to allow Mara’s internal auditors to look into matters concerning the agency, including PMB and Universiti Kuala Lumpur’s sponsorship of the Kelantan football team.

The matter first came to light when Johor crown prince Tunku Ismail Tunku Ibrahim alleged that a certain “Tan Sri” had forced Mara and its entities to sponsor the Kelantan football team.

Annuar, the Ketereh MP, however still holds the position of Umno information chief. – The Star

KOTA BHARU – UMNO information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa who was admitted to Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) Hospital, Kubang Kerian, yesterday after complaining of dizziness, chest pain and experiencing vomiting is reportedly recovering.

According to his elder brother Abdul Sattar, Annuar who is also Ketereh member of Parliament, was still being treated at the hospital’s Coronory intensive Care Unit and there was positive development of his condition.

“He (Annuar) is recovering and the doctor has advised him to take a lot of rest,” he said when contacted, here, today.

Annuar, 61, was admitted to HUSM after he vomited and had chest pain about 6.15am yesterday.

Abdul Sattar is appealing to the public not to visit Annuar at the moment so that he could get enough rest.- BERNAMA

JERLUN – Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) presidential candidate Tan Sri Annuar Musa said it has not crossed his mind to withdraw from the race.

While he has yet to receive the inspiration to withdraw, Annuar who is also UMNO Information chief said on the contrary many parties were urging him to continue the contest for the post.

“I do not want to make the FAM president fight as the ultimate goal, I am thinking more of the people and the government’s victory in the 14th general
election,” he said after attending the simultaneous opening of Kedah UMNO branch meeting here today.

The March 25 FAM presidential election will be a straight fight between the Tunku Mahkota of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim and Annuar.

The UMNO leader said he did not want to carry out any politicking nor campaign to win votes as he was confident the affliate members had already made up their minds on whom to choose.

“What is important is that national football has to improve, it does not matter if I win or not,” he said.

Commenting on the action of some parties disputing his competency as FAM president, Annuar said he was prepared to accept any criticisms and views thrown at him with an open heart.

“I should be challenged because as a candidate if I am not challenged, it means I am perfect, similarly people who disputed my candidacy should also be ready to accept my criticism, but we will be courteous,” he said. – BERNAMA

ARAU – The government should withdraw all subsidies when crude oil prices fall below USD40 per barrel, said UMNO information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

He said the fall in oil prices has a significant impact on the country’s revenue which is used to finance part of the subsidies for welfare of the people.

“The ability of the government to maintain the subsidies is due to prudent management on the nation’s finances despite having to withdraw some of the subsidies in stages.”

Annuar said this when replying to a question posed by a Perlis Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) students as part of his tour programme to brief the people on current issues. – BERNAMA