Syamsul Debat Refutes Scandalous Affair Allegation

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SEREMBAN – Popular motivational speaker Syamsul Amri Ismail has refuted the allegation that he was having a scandalous affair with a married woman as reported by a Malay daily tabloid today.

Syamsul Amri, or better known as Syamsul Debat, 41, said he had just returned from Makkah yesterday and was shocked to be bombarded with questions from his family members about the allegation.

“I was not aware (of the police report). All I know is that the tabloid reported that a police report was made against me, clearly referring to me, using with my picture, my biodata and profile. I think there is something (not right). That is why I called for this press conference.

“The tabloid reported that the police report was lodged in Johor Bahru recently, I don’t know who lodged the report, man or woman. If it said that I’m involved (in an affair) with a married woman, I refute that. I don’t even know the actual allegations (contained in the report),” he told reporters here today.

The Malay tabloid reported that a popular motivational speaker was being investigated for alleged involvement in a scandalous affair with a married woman and for allegedly harassing another man’s wife.

Negeri Sembilan Police chief Datuk Noor Azam Jamaludin confirmed the matter and was quoted as saying that the investigation was carried out after a complainant lodged a report at a police station in Johor.

Syamsul Amri said he had yet to be summoned by the police to give his statement.

“The report published in the tabloid implied that I had been investigated. It is clearly inaccurate. I refute the allegation. I don’t even know where it came from and why me? I have to clear my name,” he said.

Syamsul Amri said he was also considering taking legal action against the newspaper which had published misleading story on the case.

“I want the tabloid to apologise to me and my family. I think that it is only appropriate,” he said adding that he had also lodged a police report to counter the allegation and was prepared to give his statement to the police. – BERNAMA