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Sweet And Innocent, Alas School Girl’s Leaked Photos Proved Otherwise

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few days, a hacker went on a ‘leaking’ spree when he managed to tinker with close to a hundred celebrities’ iCloud accounts– thus retrieving unfortunately racy photos of them.

Proving that celebrities are in fact just like the rest of us, one similar case particularly caught our eye.




Only, the person in reference wasn’t a celebrity or a public figure at any scale, but just a student.

At first look, the girl appeared like any other regular girl: naive smile, oversized pullovers and donning a headscarf.

However, behind her innocent facade lies a dirty secret: semi-nude photos of the seemingly religious teenager received unwanted attention and had already making rounds on the cyberspace just mere days after the pictures were leaked.


She even expressed her desire to be involved in the ‘sex jihad’ of Syria’s rebels.

Not sure whether the Indonesian girl’s devices were hacked or stolen.

The rules are simple: if you don’t want to risk having your bare necessities doing the rounds, then be careful what you or others record.



Sometimes pictures and videos are made without a person’s consent or knowledge, and making such material out for public consumption– as has happened to the extreme distress of such victims – is a criminal violation and repugnant.

Hacking into somebody’s personal storage account or smartphone or PC to take images and recordings is wrong, deeply wrong.

But there is a difference when you’re taking such images of yourself,especially when you have a reputation to live up to.

That is, there is a difference if it really matters to you that they are never revealed.

Don’t create that digital image trail if you want to ensure to the best of your ability that your upholstery never goes on view without your consent.MYNEWSHUB


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