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Sultan Nazrin: Use Civil Preaching Methods

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IPOH: The beauty of Islam that encourages courtesy and politeness should be reflected by enforcement officers from the Islamic Religious Department when discharging their duties, said Perak Ruler Sultan Nazrin Shah.

He said the best approach was to preach to the wrongdoers to do good instead of focusing on punitive action or by humiliating them.

He said they should advise the wrongdoers privately, arranging for guidance and counselling sessions behind closed doors.

“The modus operandi of the enforcement staff of the Islamic Religious Department must be based on a preventive approach instead of adopting a punitive approach,” he said at the launch of the logo and the five-year strategic plan of the Perak Council on Islamic Religion and Malay Customs, here yester-day.

The actions of enforcement officers who demonstrated their power to the extent of ignoring courtesy, orderliness and politeness, was not the culture propagated by Islam, said the Sultan.

He added that rude, rough, and disparaging actions by officers, which could cause people to feel humiliated, disgraced or mistreated, should not happen.

Sultan Nazrin said the officers must uphold the law by enforcing it fairly at all times without fear or favour.

“Religious officers at the forefront, especially those exposed to public evaluations must carry out their duties with prudence.

“It is important to use the preaching method to guide those who have done wrong to the right path, besides giving advice behind closed doors, as well as providing counselling,” he added.

On the logo, Sultan Nazrin said it is not only an identity of the council, but more importantly, it is the image, reputation and the posi­tive perception that the council leaves among Muslims and non-Muslims.

Therefore, he hoped the five-year strategic plan would provide a space for modifications because technology was changing rapidly.

He added that the situation of the economy, world business, political scenario, as well as the world governance would not remain static.

“New inventions and changes are happening continuously, because what is deemed new today, could become history in a short period of time.

“Therefore, council members must be wary, alert and wise to read and interpret the dynamics occurring, and to make transformations to the strategy in accordance with the current changes and developments,” he said.

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