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Sultan Nazrin Shah Appreciates People’s Presence During Visits

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KUALA KANGSAR – The Sultan of Perak and Raja Permaisuri of Perak appreciate the presence of the people who came out en masse to welcome them during their visit to the tombs of past sultans in conjunction with his enthronement as the Sultan of Perak XXXV.

Sultan Nazrin Shah said the people were willing to withstand the scourging heat of the sun and prepared to get wet in the rain along the route the royal couple took by road and river and at every ceremony held.

“There were some among them who were carrying babies and some were elderly and frail. The presence of the people is a precious gift to the Sultan and Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Zara Salim.

“To Allah Almighty grant thy help to enable the affection of the people be rewarded with good fortune and the state be awarded with prosperity and may its sultan always receives blessings and guidance,” he said.

The Sultan of Perak said this at the Istiadat Menutup Kerja (completion ceremony) in conjunction with his enthronement as the Sultan of Perak XXXV at Istana Iskandariah on Sunday.

The enthronement ceremony began with the Commencement Ceremony on May 3, the ‘Tabal Adat’ ceremony at the Istana lskandariah on May 6, followed by the ‘Tabal Pusaka’ and ‘Bersiram Tabal’ ceremonies on May 7, visit to the tombs of past sultans and Sultan Nazrin Shah’s visit to Beting Beras Basah.

Sultan Nazrin Shah said during the ‘Istiadat Pertabalan’ (Enthronement Ceremony), he had the opportunity to visit 44 tombs, starting with the tomb of Tok Temong on May 8 and ending with the Marhum Durian Sebatang tomb of the late Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah 1, the 22nd Sultan of Perak, on May 13.

He also visited the tombs of the Raja Muda, Raja Dihilir, Raja Bendahara, Raja Bergelar and those of certain officials recorded in history as having played and important role in the Sultanate of Perak.

After having dipped his feet into the waters of the Perak River at the Beras Basah sandbar here in fulfilling a ritual of his enthronement on May 14th, Sultan Nazrin Shah also visited the tombs of his grandmother Toh Puan Khatijah and Raja Baharom Shah in Batu Gajah.

Sultan Nazrin Shah said visiting the tomb was part of a tradition that had been practiced for generations by the newly crowned Sultan and the experience had convinced him of three things.

“Firstly the status and position in the world is temporary in nature, every individual will be returned to the original creation of God, the Creator, from dust we were created and to dust we return.

“Secondly each of the previous Sultans have contributed and their respective governance made history.

“Therefore, it will not be fair if the new Sultan turns his back on them, instead the latter must take heed and learn from the experience of previous sultans to guide him,” he said.

Thirdly said Sultan Nazrin Shah was the experience of setting foot at Beras Basah sandbar and the visit to the tombs which made him recalled past events and how painstakingly the earlier Sultans with very limited facilities, had founded a state and established a government.

“The past rulers succeeded in developing a sovereign state, the state people’s-monarchy whose citizens comprise people of all walks of life who are diverse but united under the auspices of the government of the Sultan. The late sultans’ contributions should not be destroyed,” he said.

The Sultan of Perak said thus, it is a great responsibility and equated the monarchy to an umbrella under which people of various religious, multi-racial, multi-cultural origin and of various social, economic, political background and age can unite in order to remain united, to live in harmony and mutual cooperation in the prosperous state of Perak.

“Today all the rituals of the enthronement ceremony have been fulfilled. I wish to express my appreciation to Paduka Ayahanda Raja Muda and Paduka bonda Raja Puan Besar as well as to Paduka Kakanda Raja Di-Hilir and Raja Puan Muda who have demonstrated the spirit and togetherness to preserve the sovereignty of the throne of Perak.

“I am also appreciative for the contribution rendered by Yang Amat Berhormat Menteri Besar, the Yang Amat Berbahagia Orang Kaya Bendahara Seri Maharaja and Yang Berhormat the State Secretary who provided effective leadership to members of the Committee comprising the state’s Orang Besar and government personnel to manage the multiple events.

“To every member of the committee and to each of the parties involved I express our thanks,” he said.

Sultan Nazrin Shah said members of the committee and every party involved had shown a commitment to fulfill their responsibilities with dedication and this proved that cooperation between the various departments or agencies and individuals in the right spirit could achieve a common goal, to produce the best.

He said the spirit of cooperation and unity of purpose must continue to be nurtured at all times.

“Any shortages or defects are part of the nature of human weakness to prove that it is only God who has the attributes of perfection,” he said.

Sultan Nazrin Shah then declared that all the work related to the enthronement of the Sultan of Perak XXXV had been properly executed. – BERNAMA


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