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Subra Waiting Response From Palanivel

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KUALA LUMPUR – MIC deputy president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam disclosed that there is a lack of communication between him and party president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, adding to speculation of a worsening rift in the party.

Subramaniam said he has tried many times to meet Palanivel to find a solution to resolve the party crisis and is “waiting patiently” for a response.

He said during the of party leaders on Dec 18, it was agreed that a committee be formed consisting of party leaders and some members of the complainant group.

“I have on many occasions sent text messages to the president asking him to set up the committee and initiate discussions. I had requested to meet him,” Subramaniam said.

He said Palanivel had replied that he was busy with issues in Cameron Highlands and an India trip he had planned for.

“Recently, he said he had cancelled his India trip and that we may be able to meet earlier,” he said in a statement today.

He said most party members are waiting for the committee to be formed and many have regarded it as a positive step to resolving the crisis.

“Unfortunately, that has not materialised,” he said.

Subramaniam said he was shocked to hear news by MIC vice-president Datuk M. Saravanan that Palanivel, accompanied by Senator V. Subramaniam, had actually met the Registrar of Society to passed a letter on behalf of the party on Dec 24.

“I have no knowledge of the contents of the letter,” Subramniam said.

He said he was also unaware that the registrar had replied to that letter on Dec 31 and MIC had responded on Jan 2 asking for more time to resolve party issues.

He said the Dec 18 meeting had concluded that he and Palanivel would meet the registrar.

Subramaniam said he had to break his silence as he had been asked many questions by party members after the president’s meeting with the registrar was highlighted.

“I can only confirm the decision to form the committee was made and it was stated publicly by the president and was widely carried in the media,” he said.

“I still hope that good sense will prevail and the proposed consultations will take place. All of us are united in the desire to ensure the party is not deregistered and emerge stronger from this unfortunate episode,” he added.

Meanwhile, former MIC leaders have urged Palanivel to accept the registrar’s finding that there were irregularities in the previous party election.

In a joint statement, Datuk S. Vigneswaran, Datuk Jaspal Singh and Datuk T. Mohan said the president should not be living in denial by blaming the losers in the previous election for causing the party to be in its present predicament.

The registrar had, on Dec 5, nullified the results for the three vice-president and 23 central working committee (CWC) posts elected during the party election in 2013, and directed MIC to hold fresh elections within 90 days.

The registrar had also advised MIC not to hold it annual general assembly until the matter has been sorted out. – Bernama

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