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Study Shows You Can Actually Lose Weight By Eating Pizza

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Admit it– pizza is one of nature’s most perfect foods, but low-fat it is not.

While a slice of a regular pepperoni pizza will set you back a whopping 324 calories and 13 grams of fat, a study conducted by Labdoor Magazine has shown that you can cut over 40 calories per slice by doing this one unconventional method– dabbing the grease of each pie.

Researchers conducted the experiment with a slice from a 14-inch Domino’s pepperoni pizza, and found that dabbing it with a napkin cut 40 calories and four and a half grams of fat.

Easier than lifting weights or or brisk walking for 10 minutes, that burns just the same amount of calories, right?

Below is the chart that shows just how simple it is to cut the calories and take inches off your waistline, one tissue at a time:


Americans eat about 23 pounds of pizza every year — that’s about 87 slices! But people who blot their pizza from excess grease save so many calories, it’s like they’re only eating 66 slices per year — and after a whole year, that’s about two pounds worth of calories cut from your diet. So eat away!


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