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Stop Atrocities Against The Rohingyas

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THE recent escalation of armed conflict in the Northern Arakan part of Myanmar between the Myanmar army and Rohingya militants has led to massive atrocities commited upon innocent civilians,including women and children.

This has led to displacement of the Rohinghyas from their homes leading many of them to seek shelter in neighbouring Bangladesh.Bangladesh has however closed their borders to them.

According to international reports international aid has been denied entry to the conflict area.This has led to disruption of essential supplies to the vulnerable including essential medications for the young and old.

This is a humanitarian crisis on a major scale.

Nobel Prize winner and defacto leader of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi has maintained stone silence over this issue. Her conscience overwhelmed her when Myanmar was in crisis during the rule of the military junta,and gained popular global support.

Today she has to rekindle the same conscience and respond to yet another humanitarian crisis in her own country. Nobel prizes can’t be given to those with double standards.

ASEAN cannot look at this as a internal domestic affair of a member state but as a humanitarian crisis happening within ASEAN .

ASEAN must use its collective capacity,resources and solidarity to address this issue.

Malaysia’s commitment to address this issue is laudable and MIC supports fully all actions to address this issue.

It is not about a race or religion but about humanity as a whole.

We would respond in a similar way to any other similar incident in any other part of the world.



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